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  1. Hi I am experiencing audio issues. When playing, during playback, and in the EXPORTED file, every 20 to 60 seconds, there is and audio dip. The audio dips out and back in (lowers in volume). No issues on previous laptop. Thanks
  2. on playback, audio dips out and in for half a second every minute or so. is audible in exported file thanks
  3. Got an old windows 10 laptop, it started out fine and midi keyboard worked fine, but a couple days ago it stopped registering the keyboard (Korg Kross 2). I can still record, and it registers the input, and playback will play what I recorded, but nothing when I press keys. Keyboard works fine on other laptop (windows 10). Second problem, before the keyboard stopped registering, ever so often when playing back a song (in cakewalk), the audio would dip in and out for half a second, which would be fine, but it is audible in the exported file.
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