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  1. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    The installed memory room read 16GB but useable memory would have (8GB). I have it corrected now after removing and reinstalling the RAM but I was hoping to find a better solution than opening up my desktop every time I want to run something else.
  2. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    Yeah, even when it’s not running but it only happens the next time I restart my computer after running Cakewalk.
  3. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    The weirdest part is that it doesn’t occur when I first run Cakewalk. It’s the next time I boot up my PC that the RAM is cut in half but it only does it after I run cakewalk
  4. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    It isn’t running in that one, that’s after 2 or 3 restarts and some troubleshooting in msconfig.
  5. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    I’ve run every other program I regularly use but it only happens when I run cakewalk. It’s a desktop running a full license Windows 10 64bit. I’m running the free version of Sonar
  6. Alex Contero

    Partitioned RAM

    Hey I’m pretty new to Cakewalk. My PC has 16GB of RAM but every time I run Cakewalk it cuts 8GB away and marks it as “Hardware Reserved” so I’m only getting access to half my RAM. I can fix it by removing and reinstalling the cards but it’s a massive pain when I want to use my PC for gaming. Is this normal or does it at least have a work-around? I’m thinking about upgrading to 32GB but I don’t want to waste the money just to have it eat up half of that too.
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