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  1. I want to show my friends how I produce music by streaming/screen sharing through an app called discord, however the audio from my DAW is never audible to the viewers who watch my stream. I almost certain it is some setting in cakewalk, because when I play a YouTube video, they can hear the audio from the mentioned YouTube video, but are unable to hear anything from my DAW. I have also tried it with Twitch, but still no luck. How can I do a livestream with Cakewalk?
  2. One of my Cakewalk projects won't load. Almost every other project I have will open though, so it seems like there is a problem within this specific project. Whenever I click to open the project, it says on the blue banner in the bottom right corner "loading (insert plugin here)" and then it just closes after loading a few plug ins. I've tried to open the project in safe mode and it only opens when I choose not to load up two synths/can't load everything. Help? Cakewalkprojectdoesntopen.mp4
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