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  1. It’s time for me to buy a new windows PC. I want it to last the next 5 – 8 years. What should I get in the way of…. The CPU,RAM, Hard Drive, and Storage, and Graphics Card? I am not computer literate. Here is what I will be using it for. · Cakewalk by bandlab will be the most complex thing I do on the computer. · Basic home movie video editing with adobe premier. Nothing complex. · I would like to reduce the myriad of wires if possible. · Roland UA-101 interface usb. · I want to hook up some basic flat response studio monitors to the UA-101. · A flat screen hdmi TV to watch netflix · Email · Youtube · Microsoft word, Excel · No gaming. · Currently using windows 8. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am a lost puppy.
  2. Worked! Your the man! Hey what kind of beer are you holding there? It looks good!
  3. Can I open a sonar platinum bun. file with cakewalk by bandlab? I have an old 2004 sonar bundle file saved onto a dvd. disc. I would like to open it in the cakewalk by bandlab daw. Is there a way to do that. I want to remix the song. I tried to open it but I get a "Cant find audio path" error message. I thought on a bundle file all audio data was in the file. So what do I not understand?
  4. Thanks! I moved the slider all the way to safe and no delay all good! Thanks big time!
  5. After succefully recording 5 tracks of guitars, bass, tamborine to an "Addictive Drums" track. I am now trying to add vocals. But for some reason when I start recording the vocal track the drum track is ahead of the beat , out of sync. But it in time oar in sync during play back. I can mute the drums and record the vocals and then unmute them to listen but I want to hear the drum track when recording. So in short Recorded 5 tracks to a Addictive Drums track no problems all in sync during recording and playback. Now, Drums are out of sync during recording. But Drums are in Sync during play back. I probably caused the problem some how but do not know how to fix it? All programs are updated. Any suggestions?
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