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  1. mibby

    PureMIx Mixup!

    Looks interesting!
  2. It's free over on Audiority's site too. 😎 https://www.audiority.com/shop/l12x-solid-state-amplifier/
  3. I give. 70 processors for $50 bucks?? You got me... Now when will they add Comprexxor to Mixbox? It's obviously a glaring oversight.
  4. mibby

    JST Spin To Win Sale

    Just sell quality plugins and give us sales - or not. Try "JSTSPRING20" for 20% off your next order. I don't think they're personalized. Gimmicks are annoying... 🤨
  5. Yes, I've found their coupons and sale prices are maddeningly well calculated to get you to spend money. you can't combine 2 $19 plugins to use the $30 coupon either. Of course there are a few $39 (or more) plugins to choose from... But it's annoying! 😉
  6. mibby

    Soundtoys Spring Sale

    Same. No complaints whatsoever though. It's an insanely deep and incredibly creative and fun package. I still haven't taken the time to go through all the great plugins. Honestly, I have no idea what they would/could do next, unless it's a different direction entirely. I have a couple of times over the years but never heard back. Still great plugins and a great value, especially the FX Rack!
  7. mibby

    2B Delayed Classic

    I had to log in to the site to see if I did. And what do you know?... 😁
  8. mibby

    Soundtoys Spring Sale

    I don't think I'd pay for that. It's pretty great as-is. (Are they all VST2 still?) But could certainly use the improvements you mentioned. I'm just curious what has happened to them. They were one of the premier developers but they just dropped off the map...
  9. mibby

    Soundtoys Spring Sale

    I'm sure you know this - but they give a decent upgrade price in your account if you own plugins too...
  10. They've redone the My Account webpage. MUCH easier to see what's in there now!
  11. mibby

    Soundtoys Spring Sale

    Come on SoundToys! What have you guys been up to?? I wonder if they lost some developers or something?
  12. This sounds interesting! A couple of notes on Kolorizer: 1. It sounds pretty good! 2. Not a big deal - when selecting a Preset, the Preset Name you selected switches back to "Preset". 3. Not so good - on Studio One Professional v5 Win10, just one instance of the plugin takes from 22-24% of my CPU! It probably won't be used much because of that. 😕
  13. Thanks for the plugin and dropping in to say "hi". Looking forward to trying this out! What other plugins will you be working on?
  14. It was Angelic Voices and Ultra Analog Session 2 on Studio One for me. This was the first time I actually tried to use them. I installed them. I played around a little, found some nice sounds, but they kept crashing in Studio One. Analog Session crashed almost immediately. Angelic Voices lasted long enough to give me hope, but inevitably shat the bed. I finally just gave up and moved on. Way too many other options out there to futz around with this...
  15. mibby

    UJAM Groovemate One

    Nice piece - thanks! Did you record the acoustic lead part?? It sounds like it could be something off a Larry Calton's Alone But Never Alone CD. Really nice quality. I tried something similar to Groovemate in Studio One. Will have to have another go at it...
  16. mibby

    UJAM Groovemate One

    Naw, it'll make sounds, just not sounds that are useful or that I am able to incorporate. Not knocking UJam in the slightest, I'm just trying to get my head around their workflow and methods is all.
  17. mibby

    UJAM Groovemate One

    I'm having insta-buy-cheap-deal regret on this one. I've tried to use it on a couple of occasions now and have removed it from the project in frustration. It's just not working for me. Anyone actually using this (or any of the UJam instruments for that matter) and have any tips? I want to like them...
  18. mibby

    2B Shaped Filter FREE

    ...and you have used how many?
  19. Bump. This plugin looks interesting. They have Sound Packs too. And a verrrrry slick website. Impressive! https://www.minimal.audio/t/sounds Free samples here: https://www.minimal.audio/sample-subscription
  20. $149 retail?? Get it while it's free, quick! 😜 I wonder what is going to happen with this mailing list? 🤔
  21. Here is the page for FREE stuff off the Sample Fuel website. https://www.samplefuel.com/free-products
  22. That's very odd that you had to go through Gearspace to get your update code rather than their customer support. (??)
  23. mibby

    FabFilter incoming

    Was Timeless 2 on a no-brainer sale?
  24. mibby

    FabFilter incoming

    😵 Now THAT is an impressive demo for an impressive plugin!!! It makes me feel like I've just been dabbling with delay plugins up to this point... Wow.
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