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  1. Same here. And based on that pic, I would barely be able to operate it! 😛 @LAGinz The site seems to be working for me...
  2. That's a really cool feature they've open up to the users. But it will be REALLY difficult after the fact (without looking at pics) to tell which parameters are which. i.e. Pultec Preset in the document. They need to add a UI piece to those parameters. Still a really cool idea though and I'm sure they'll come up with something brilliant.
  3. mibby

    Kawai K1 vsti

    Man, I have GOT to go dig up your thread on setting that up! IIRC, it's somewhere in MTurboCompressor too, right?
  4. Check here: https://support.presonus.com/hc/en-us/articles/360004040952-Is-there-a-Grace-Period-for-those-who-recently-purchased-Studio-One-3-
  5. I think you might already qualify for the Melodyne upgrade. Log in to Celemony and check your account. My v5 was waiting last week when I checked. Not sure if it was from Presonus or Izotope though. Worth checking!
  6. I think I eventually got thev4 upgrade for $125...
  7. I freely admit - I had to look them up... Dr. Horn's obituary in the NYT says: And that is relevant how? ? Have a great day. Thanks for the reminder Bapu. Now back to our deals- PLEASE!?!
  8. Here you go... I'm sure you can find anything to support your viewpoint if you want to. https://www.fact-checkghana.com/has-president-akufo-addo-signed-a-bill-gates-covid-19-vaccine-pact/
  9. Dude... WTF is "nommeraadio.ee" and the "NewIllustrations" YouTube channel??? And your little 🤣 🤣 emojis don't help this "discourse" - at all. The "nommeraadio.ee" site is where your "actual document from the Rockefeller Foundation" is posted. Why not link to the Rockefeller Foundation for the actual document? The best I can come up with for Nommeraadio" is: "Nomme Raadio is a popular radio station broadcasting from Tallinn, Estonia."... The links on THAT page also seem to go to more conspiracy theory type pages from what I can tell. And again, what is the point?? This started with good wishes for a Happy 4th for those of us in the U.S. Let's stick to "deals" and keep this crap out of it...
  10. I know. And I was actually going to spend some time (and did) listening to your video. But... The poster of the video, "NewIllustrations", seems to have 3 or 4 conspiracy type videos on his "channel". And this is from the description of the video you posted: This adds up to a non-starter and a waste of time for me, and it's obviously pointless to discuss this further. How about we just agree to disagree and stick to "deals" on this forum and keep the conspiracy theories and politics out of it? After all, we all have the common interest in music and deals, so let's focus on those instead. 🙏 And for the record, everybody knows something I don't... 🙂 And THANK YOU ZokZTM for the well wishes! We need them... peaceout.
  11. Personally, I've had the best luck getting to "know" like-minded people from forums I frequent and getting started that way. "Cold turkey" collab-type forums just don't seem to work - at least not for me.
  12. Thanks dude! Unfortunately a bunch of brainwashed citizens seem to think NOT wearing a mask is about "individual freedom" and not about of keeping other citizens safe..
  13. Do a collaboration with someone. That's what I miss most these days is having bandmates to bounce idea off of. No plugin necessary or full Kontakt either. 😉
  14. mibby

    Kawai K1 vsti

    Oh good! At least the real one is broken! I worried you were going to interfere with the time/space continuum or cause a glitch in the Matrix or something... 😬
  15. Maybe Larry is like the parent, kind of giving the kids free reign to see how they can handle being on their own for a while? 🙃
  16. mibby

    Kawai K1 vsti

    Using the real thing to run a virtual model of the real thing? ... 🤔
  17. BTW, using the code "forum" on JRR gets it down to $25+... 😉
  18. I'll be the first in line to grumble about the iLok dongle thing. But I haven't had any issues with the License Manager. I've got PSP, Kush, Eventide and maybe some others on there.
  19. You must have just searched for a post by Lars to check if this had been posted yet. I hate to be the one to do this, but... 🙂
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