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  1. Hi, I am not entirely new to Cakewalk, as I had home studio 2002 as well as a more recent version. It was quite easy importing and playing video in those older software programs, For some reason, I am having great difficulty trying to figure out how to play the actual video I have imported in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I need a DAW that works with video, where you can play the video file, and record in real time with music. When I try to import a video, I see a track that basically says VIdeo Thumbnails are Currently Hidden. When I click show thumbnails, that is exactly what I get. Thumbnails. When I play the file, the time marker simply scrolls to the right over the video thumbnails. But no video plays. Then I noticed where it said to hold Alt Shift 2 to open the Video View, but when I do this absolutely nothing happens. I've tried both ways - right clicking on the video thumbnails and clicking Video View, as well as holding down Alt Shift 2. Neither way works. I've tried both with .MOV quicktime files as well as AVI and MP4. All the videos load in as thumbnails, so I don't see why it should be such a problem to actually play the video. Can anyone think of a reason why Video View would not be showing up in my software? My computer is sort of old, but I've had no problems importing videos into FL Studio, so I don't see why it should be so difficult with Cakewalk. It's probably something really simple and stupid, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out. Please help if you can. Thanks!
  2. Hi. I am trying to import video- I tried it both in cw by bandlab, as well as cakewalk platinum, and it takes FOREVER to import even a short 12 second clip. And once it is imported, it only plays the audio clip but there is no video. I really want to get into film scoring, but maybe my computer is not strong enough,? I'm currently using a core 2 quad 9650 with 16gb of ram and a 512mb AMD 4650 radeon. is my computer strong enough? or am I doing something wrong when I try to import videos? any help would be appreciated. thanks!
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