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  1. @Noel Borthwick Here's a link to the crash dump which just occurred, it's a "dropbox" link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjlngbt805afzj5/_09162019_214556.dmp?dl=0 I just wanted to get a handle on what was happening here, and hopefully using Rapture Pro doesn't have any negative effects in my projects, other than this random crash. Many thanks T...
  2. @Noel Borthwick Thank you for looking into this, it might be my old O1/Wpro keyboard, that's the 1st suspect, hope it's not the Fastlane USB midi interface, I have the latest driver. When you yanked the USB cable did it cause an audio dropout? Oh and I found another "Windows 10 May 2019 Update version 1903" known issue, namely "Error Event 455, ESENT" errors occurring with high frequency for Logging, due to a missing folder, and there were a lot... Fixed it now, don't know what side effects this might have caused if any.
  3. As I said before in that instance "The only way to clear these greyed keys was to reboot CbB." It may be on that on some occasions this occurs one could clear the keys without restarting CbB by some other method, but most times no, pressing play doesn't do the trick... Thanks for looking into this! And once again pretty please can you shed some light on Rapture Pro sporadically crashing CbB with an access violation, if you have any knowledge on it, it would much appreciated... Yes indeed I have... The worst consequence of doing this is, if the project wasn't saved before doing a "Reset MIDI", some synths which have specific parameters set either arbitrarily or precautiously via a preset can get zeroed out and also doesn't do the trick... 😵
  4. @Noel Borthwick Hi, This is an image of the random piano keys that became greyed out: g#6, c5, g#4, c0... The thing to note is "c0", no note scored in the PRV was c0 and my midi keyboard doesn't have a c0, the lowest note is e2. I was editing the volume automation in the track view on an aux track when the audio dropout toast popped up, the audio engine icon was indicating 'stopped' that is not blue. I then checked the PRV and found the greyed keys, at the time 2 of the midi tracks were assigned to a midi input, but only one had input echo on and the keyboard was switched on but not being used. The only way to clear these greyed keys was to reboot CbB. The only way I'm aware of, that a PRV piano key turns grey is if there is a midi track assigned to an input source and has received a "midi note on" and it will stay that way until a "midi note off" is received... So how is it that these keys became irreversibly grey? It's a mystery! Mysterious or not it's become irritating as the project has be saved and CbB has to be restarted. There's question on which you might be able to shed some light. On opening this project which has an instance or Rapture Pro, it sporadically crashes CbB with an access violation caused by the plugin, I'd say about 1 in 10 times. Is this a known issue with Rapture Pro, since it also occurs with Splat?
  5. Play a chord of random notes say on a midi keyboard and the PRV piano keys corresponding to the notes turn grey until a "midi note off" occurs for each key and then it reverts to its key color... In the case where the random chord was heard as I described in the above post, the corresponding keys for the notes heard turned grey and stayed that way and only rebooting CbB would clear them back to their initial key color. So it feels like some midi buffer spewed out a bunch of random "midi notes on" and no "midi notes off" & that got the PRV piano keys stuck, as I mentioned above the the random chord continued sounding until it decayed, that is no "midi notes off". When this happens, and with any luck it won't since fixing the cpu spike, it's sporadic & not reproducible, but if it happens I'll take a screenshot! If I recall after the dropout the audio engine icon remained blue...
  6. I don't know if this has any bearing but here goes... In my project in the tracks view I've got 3 synths (primary output & midi tracks) , 2 with midi input set, 1 with input echo on. 3 aux tracks associated with 1 synth that has no midi input set.. and a bunch of FX plugins. In the PRV I was editiing the midi track for the synth set with input echo on, which was shown selected in the PRV & the track view. On switching from the PRV to the track view the dreaded audio dropout toast popped up which I ignored... Now this is the weird part, at this point I stepped away from the DAW to briefly take care of something else, after a few minutes I heard a chord of random notes from the selected synth with input echo on. I returned to the DAW stopped the audio engine and on restarting it heard the decaying chord notes and in the PRV a random set of piano roll keys were greyed out and could not be reset! Fortunately I could save my changes & rebooted the DAW to clear the greyed out keys. This feels like something strange is going on in the output stream, quite what I've no idea.. Any suggestions?? Monday FYI just found out the latest w10 monthly update "August 30, 2019—KB4512941 (OS Build 18362.329)" did do something! It caused a 20% cpu spike due to a cortana bug, because I had searching the web from Windows Desktop Search disabled. It's enabled now & the cpu is back to normal, will see if this bug was affecting the dropout frequency, who knows what was behind the spike & what, if any, side effects were caused...
  7. Very interesting Mr @Colin Nicholls ... Unfortunately it's not a viable solution pour moi, and the idle dropout suggests something else is going on. I'm wondering, have you tried a project with audio only, that is no synths or FXs? In the past the only time I'd get one of these recurrent sporadic dropouts with splat, as I recall, was a project using "Rapture Pro". I mention this because on loading a Rapture Pro project sometimes Splat and now CbB will instantly crash with an "Access Violation" C0000005, caused by Rapture Pro, which I imagine is some pointer holding a bad address, and on a restart the project loads fine, which suggest an issue with the synth plugin, also sporadic. The current project that's giving me the toasts grief also has an instance of Rapture Pro, so is it possible a wayward synth is the root cause? Just a thought... Oh and with all due respects to Mr @Noel Borthwick, as for "I wouldnt worry too much about that toast", when it does happen on several occasions the PRV shows a random selection of greyed out piano keys, which sometimes can only be reset by closing and restarting CbB...
  8. Stoopid question 😁 How do you create the "at sign" black background member reference... I've not ever used that anywhere??
  9. I keep backups of the prior "Cakewalk Core" folders, you may or may not already know this but if not check out this post My 2019.05 backup is a composite of the 2019.03 hotfix full install, and the 2019.05 update, I suppose there is or was a full installer...
  10. Call me crazy but... Since 2019.07 I get a higher frequency of the sporadic "audio dropout" toast when editing events, in the PRV, not in the PRV and no audio or midi activity (the keyboard was switched off). The last time it occurred though, was at the start and at the end of a "bounce to tracks", this messed up the start of the rendered audio... On initiating the bounce, up popped the toast and I canceled it without saving the partial, restarted the bounce and let it finish and the toast appeared as stated, start and end. I had to close CbB and after a restart the bounce was fine. I appreciated Noel's remarks but it does feel like something's amiss, a bad pointer, memory leak or something... I don't know if the latest w10 monthly update "August 30, 2019—KB4512941 (OS Build 18362.329)" did something?
  11. The key entries I found at the update time were: [2019-08-31 15:21:29.029] [info] Checking for update [2019-08-31 15:21:29.121] [error] Error: TypeError: this.app.whenReady is not a function the rest in the log I looked at is code entry points (+ corresponding personal info) ... Personally I happy to download the exe & run it manually, that's 99.9% likely to work, if it's predecessor had no problem, rather than rely on auto-update code to do the job, and going forward that's just what I might do... 😁
  12. 5.0.6 works fine here... Don't use BA on startup, so had to launch the assistant which issued an update notification, but on selecting update, presumably a self update, it failed, followed by an instruction to download BA (bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe) and manually install via the exe, which is ok... Just remember to run as Administrator. Was this your experience, or was this just a glitch going from 5.0.4 (which was my initial BA install) to 5.06, if anyone knows??
  13. Patch Tuesday is precarious... I've had various settings weirdness after an update restart, some vanish on a reboot, others not... One mo' thing to add to the check list, post update 😆
  14. Good Catch... Just checked and yup, Game Mode was on! When did you notice this??
  15. FYI... My current project has 4 instances of Kontakt, 1 with 10 instruments loaded, 1 with 3 and 2 each with one, separate outputs & midi channels. The single instrument instances were breakouts from the multis, as there seemed to be performances quirks for those instruments, for unknown reasons, but I suspect it might have been due to a combination older libraries (Kontakt 2) with current ones, so there may have been some compatibility issue, or a scripting issue who knows, as also a chunk of midi CCs are used for all of them...
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