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  1. Ran it. Updated bite and something else.
  2. i was wondering when they gonna release a EZB midi pack for this.
  3. link is dead, but you are able to add item to cart.
  4. Cool thread. I never heard of Site guitars before. Will need to check them out. I love those old Larry Carlton records.
  5. its like Top Gun for beta males and people with small dinkies. đŸ™‚
  6. oh wow. i never even saw the VIP section until today. need to see whats there.
  7. I checked out the new grunge presets. Its kind a cool.
  8. Thats pretty crazy when you think about it. $20 to transfer a license. It's almost as if IKM don't want you to resell their license for less than they can sell it to someone. đŸ˜‚
  9. yeah. i got an email as well. i thought it was a new update released today.
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