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  1. hello I have recently purchased melodyne essential, was just wondering if you need to upgrade for the notes levelling features?
  2. Daheen

    downloading melodyne

    Hello! I am trying to download the free trial for the melodyen, does it still need the serial number? But to get serial number you need to purchase?? so is free trial still a free trial?
  3. Daheen

    voice overwriting?

    hello~ when I am recording the vocal, when I am recording on a new lane, it automatically make a slit on the section where it is newly recorded? over the preivous track? So I was wondering if there is any way to prevent this from happening? Why does different track overwrite each other? My recording mode is comping mode and the overwrite section is not selected. As I try to delete one of the section, the previous section also deletes. Is there way to fix it?
  4. thank you its working!
  5. To all the experts After making the tracks into one lane, I used flattening comping after the project. But i realized i want to delete the breathing noise? But i couldn't after the flattening. do you know the reason why? Can you still delete any sound that you don't want to hear after flattening comping?
  6. Daheen


    thank you so much!! you can just add extras in the future if you want right?
  7. Daheen


    Hello I was just wondering when you are installing the cakewalk from bandlab. you first go into app site right? When you click install this small page pop up and says if I would like to install add-on feature.. Can I still click on melodyne? even though I will not pay now but maybe in future?
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