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  1. Look here for older versions. I am not certain, but you may need to roll back in reverse sequence without skipping any. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/33-product-release-info/
  2. Not sure about your problem, but I did not encounter any dropouts in W10 until the 2020.5 update, now I get them all the time. I am going to try reverting back to a previous version of CW. UPDATE: I started with 2020.5, reverted to 2020.4 and did not notice a difference. I then reverted again to 2020.1. The dropouts "dropped" dramatically from 1 every 5-10 minutes, to 1 every 1-2 hours. I had made no changes to any settings between versions. Using the same midi tracks with one empty audio track. Sometimes I would play the project, but the dropout toast would pop up even if it was totally idle and I was on a different window, like a web browser. The toast numbers I got were 0, 1, and 3. For now, I will stay at 2020.1, at least I can function without getting annoyed.
  3. I reported this already. I suspect others have as well. I am reverting back to the previous version.
  4. And here I almost didn't post. Thank you, this saves me a lot of trouble. UPDATE: I ended up rolling back to 2020.1 which gave me some relief from the errors. I will wait for the next update before I upgrade again. Fingers crossed.
  5. I made the switch as soon as BandLab offered. I kept, and still keep Sonar installed. I don't use it often, but times like these, where the May 2020 update to CwB has glitches/bugs, and there is no going back to a previous version, I have to go back to Sonar just so I can work in peace. I hope they hurry and fix it.
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