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  1. Quick update.... That did the trick. I must have messed up the drum clip (slid it over accidentally). I went back to the original tempo and cut/pasted the drum part in and then did the Length trick and it appears to be fine. Also, the crash was caused by the TTS1 plugin. I archived all tracks that used it (it was a placeholder anyway) until I can reassign everything. Solved - Thanks to everyone.
  2. The Length idea is helping a lot. Thank you - I'm trying to take MIDI tracks that I recorded at 170 BPM And convert them so they play at the same speed when I set the tempo to 85 (e.g., the song will be exactly the same length when I'm done). Tempo is constant throughout - not looking for ritards or accellerandos or anything else of the sort. No audio - I'm putting together a track with MIDI only and will eventually bounce to audio. Here's the process. For each of the tracks I want to modify I bounce them to a single clip (the length of the song) and make certain the clip starts at Bar 1, Beat 1 I then use the Length process as described above on the individual tracks (And of course I already created a backup of the original. The only issue I'm currently seeing is with the drum parts. What is working well for the other parts (Piano, midi bass, midi guitar, oboe) isn't working for the drums - the drums are being offset for some reason. Even when I add some 1/4 note hi hats to the intro (where there are no drums), it doesn't line up. I'm going to play around a bit more and update the thread tomorrow - unfortunately CW crashed on me and I'm not going to risk mixing crashes and fatigue for much longer.... don't want to lose everything
  3. Sorry - Maybe I'm not being very clear. I need the starts and the end of the note to be changed... Making the duration 50% only changes the end of the note, not where the notes start e.g., the notes still need to move in the bar so that they play at the new tempo correctly.
  4. The problem is all the MIDI has been recorded/played at the previous, higher tempo. What I want to do is find a converter that will convert the quarter notes at the higher tempo into eighth notes so I can use the lower tempo. Worst case I'll just print the click at half time.
  5. I have a couple of projects that were initially started at a much faster tempo than I want to see. For example, one was started at 160 BPM but I really need it to get down to @ 80 BPM. Obviously if I change the tempo it will be playing at 1/2 speed. Has anyone encounter this (or the opposite) and come up with a solution? Thanks in advance -
  6. Alright. Found a couple of issues but it's now working 1. The Ryzen issue seems to be resolved after taking a Windows update to Windows 10 20H2. Don't know what the underlying fix was, but that fixed it. 2. I did have to change my MIDI driver mode to UWP. Since UWP doesn't name the ports very well I'll be giving them friendly names today. Thanks for the help, and I hope this helps others.
  7. A little more info - I think it's actually not enumerating in Windows at all, and can't figure out where it should be in Device Manager. In some cases I'd say I have to install a driver, but there doesn't seem to be one on the Behringer site, which I would assume to mean that it should work with the inbox MIDI driver. More Info: As it turns out there's an issue with AMD RYZEN and some USB devices, XTouch being one of them. I'm workign through it, and will update the thread as I find out more. Ugh....
  8. Switched MME to UWP , back and forth, and still no luck. I'll look UWP for more information, but all it seemed to do was strip the friendly names from the devices (except for the SoundForce SFC-MINI controller). Any other ideas? Pat
  9. Tonight I finally got around to hooking up my Behringer XTouch, and checking out a number of YouTube videos on how to configure it. However, I can't get past Step 2 and am wondering if I'm missing something major like using the wrong connection type: Step 1: Connect XTouch to PC USB (after having set the XTouch for USB connectivity using Mackie Control) Step 2: Open Cakewalk Preferences and Select XTouch from the dialog - XTouch does not appear in Preferences | MIDI | DEvices Checked the Behringer site and see no XTouch specific drivers for the device. Open/Closed/Open Cakewalk - no change Restart PC - No Change I'm probably missing something easy, and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance - Pat
  10. Thank you. Initial attempts aren't giving me what I was looking for, but I'll keep looking and will get it figured out. Pat
  11. It's been a while since I need to do this, but I'm cutting up audio and don't want to crossfade them , just want to butt them up against each other. How do I turn this on/off? (Years ago it was the default IIRC). Background - I'm trying to put together arrangements for a band and need to cut/copy/paste sections. Thanks in advance -
  12. The problem isn't that it's snapping to bar lines. It's that I can't figure out how to adjust the length of the arranger section once I've created it. I did figure out how to adjust the start of the arranger section, but not the end.
  13. Arranger seems like a great feature - especially when wanting to move multiple tracks. However, in trying to use Arranger, I'm finding it a bit difficult to use without the ability to enter specific start and stop points for each arranger section. Here's an example: Live Band Recording (rehearsal) has a bunch of songs in it. Step 1: I create arranger sections for each song. Because it's not sync'd to measure lines, it's hard to find the right start / stop points . I've used Markers to some extend and this has helped, but not completely. Step 2: We have segues between many of the songs. In some cases the band (like most bands) goes through fits and spurts , starting and stopping to get the segues right. I now want to adjust the and add additional Arranger sections, and then remove the "stops & starts" to be able to use the Arranger sections to merge them together. Is the only way to do this really to use Markers? Any other ideas?
  14. Thanks everyone. I will try to use the Clip Bin and see how it works out.
  15. Bumping to see if anyone has any insights....
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