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  1. Since I have updated to EA Build 62 I have noticed that the App now seems to have slowed down a lot. Plugins seem sluggish when repositioning them on-screen. I have read other posts describing the same behaviour. Ozone 9 not as responsive as it was before.
  2. Hi Henrique. Do you start Cakewalk first before connecting the Helix. If so try plugging Helix first and when Cakewalk starts go to preferences and make sure the Helix audio driver is your primary driver. Hope this is of some help. Merry Christmas fellow Cakewalker, Hugh
  3. Thanks Bill, Gonna give it a go later.
  4. Hi guys, My build is 2022.06 028 and I'm running on Win 10 pro with latest update. I can reproduce this on my 2nd desktop running the same versions. This is the Onedrive link to the minidump. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsAeRsdUGXmxq2s_WmNmq5qA5GZ1?e=K15xAz My laptop is running build 2021.12 102 and having no problems with the playlist. My minidump files are all over 4.88 MB, actually around 11MB.
  5. My playlists are crashing Cakewalk when loading the next track after first one has ended. Minidumps are too big to attach.
  6. Sometimes when I am closing a project, the application exits instead. Only thing left is the MIDI in/out icon in the taskbar. The project can then be opened and closed normally usually straight away. I have just discovered it is Sampletank 4 causing this to happen. When I try to delete the synth it crashes the application. Tried to replace it with Sampletank 3 and it crashes the App. I have lust updated Sampletank 4 to the latest release and so far so good.
  7. I seem to be getting a lot of crashes when inserting Cakewalk TTS Synth plugin. Seems to be happening a lot when trying to run it alongside VST2 and VST3 plugins. The program makes a short buzzing noise and then crashes without the option of sending a diagnostic to the bakers. I am using Halion Sonic as my go to GM sound module now and I have no issues with it. TTS is rather old and forgotten about. I have been using it from Pro Audio days so I agree with you guys, it's time to move on. Did not think this topic would have caused so much bickering guys. We all need the forums to work positively to resolve these things if we can. Peace and love to you all, Hugh
  8. Has anyone created an instrument definition for the Line 6 Helix.
  9. I got an email yesterday inviting me to join a Bandlab group. When I clicked on the link I was taken to the Bandlab App site where the sender of the email had a link to see her naked in the shower. I never click links like that. I then checked the Bandlab Assistant App itself and discovered it was missing from my computer. I think someone hacked my Bandlab account. I found nothing on Bandlab's site to report this. So sorry if this is the wrong thread for reporting this but I thought it needed to be brought to someone's attention.
  10. On the Cakewalk by Bandlab website Michael. The Assistant seems to behave like this a lot.
  11. Bandlab Assistant informed me today that there was an update available for it. I clicked the update tab and it tried to update only to come back with the failed to update message and to download and update manually. I downloaded latest version from the website and after installing it is still showing that there is an update available. Just going round in circles. I am running the app as administrator and Cakewalk runs no problem.
  12. Is anyone experiencing instruments going out of tune when using various VSTi's. Mostly happening with Organ and Bass sounds.
  13. Automap never worked properly for my Impulse 61. This was the same for Sonar as well as CbBL. Novation never seemed to bother much with Cakewalk. They seemed to jump through hoops with other DAWs. I just have the midi driver installed now and use a Korg NanoStudio for transport etc.
  14. Had a heart attack myself just over a year ago. I hope you get well soon. Keep on Cakewalking.
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