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  1. Hey all, this is my first entry in the forum. I have been a Cakewalk user for as long as Cakewalk has been in business. Anyway, I am trying out the new articulation map feature in Cakewalk by Bandlab and I like it. One issue that I have found ( I think) is that the map will not let me create multiple keyswitches from my vst instrument. I am using East West play engine in Cakewalk. It works fine when all I want is one instrument. In the play engine there are multiple articulation keyswitch sets for one instrument. For example, the Hollywood Pop Brass has a short-sus ks and then an effects ks. I am trying to figure out how or if I can load both ks sets into one map so I can just use one track in Cakewalk to control both ks sets. I know in the Play plug-in I can load both instruments and use separate midi channels. But Cakewalk doesn't seem to play multiple midi channels. Any of you who use EW sounds have an idea how to make this work or if it can work. There are other daws that do this just fine. But I can't seem to get Cakewalk to do it. Any info appreciated. Thanks
  2. I just Googled the problem and found this forum. I am editing a project now and it is cumbersome as hell to zoom like this. It used to be you could toggle the center zoom on and off. I am doing more research to see if that is not still the case. Maybe it is just the default has changed. I'll let you know. Thanks
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