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  1. To clarify, I'm grouping faders. Right click in the fader, context menu, choose group color.
  2. And just another little issue. I'm working with many volume faders and have them grouped in four sections according to microphone position. All close mic tracks in one group, mid mic tracks in another and so on. It's very practical because I can move only one of the close mic faders and all of them are adjusted accordingly, saving me a lot of time. But when I automate one of these close mic tracks, the automation doesn't affect the rest of the close mic faders and that doesn't seem to make any sense to me since the grouping option allows precisely to control the volume of all the group when I manually move the fader with the mouse or my midi controller. Why wouldn't it do the same in the case it's automated? I see the fader of the track I automated go up but none of the rest. If I wanted perhaps to have versatility in the control of the volume envelopes within tracks of the same group I wouldn't group them in the first place or perhaps later I'd change my mind and ungroup only the specific tracks in which I need a different envelope or variation, but anyway I'd still have that possibility. This way I think we have the best of both worlds without compromising versatility. Thank you.
  3. I'll try that out¡ Thank you¡ In the meantime, I'll address another possible bug, though I'm not sure if this would be the correct word in this case. When I'm working on a plugin, so that it remains selected in the effects bin, and I want to remove some automation points in any automation lane, I have to first click anywhere in the lane track and then select the automation points I want removed. If I fail to first click anywhere in the track lane, the effect in the effects bin gets removed instead. Perhaps this is normal behaviour. But then again, you would think that selecting the automation points would be enough for the program to recognize that we indeed want to remove the automation points instead of the selected effect in the effects bin. Thank you and let me congratulate you for the awesome workflow and versatility of automation in this Cakewalk. I really love the free drawing tool and the different types of slow and fast curves we have for choosing between two automation points. Really great¡
  4. Hi¡ I'd like to submit what seems like a bug in my opinion in the latest update of Cakewalk by Bandlab. I have a track effects bin with multiple eq plugins of the same brand (fabfilter). All of them have some automation info embedded into their respective automation lanes. The thing is that whenever I delete one of these plugins, the automation info on the other plugins of the same kind and brand gets deleted as well. If it were only the automation info pertaining to that specific plugin, there would be no problem; this would be normal behaviour. However, the issue is that it deletes the automation info pertaining to the other plugins as well, the ones which are not being deleted. I have found a workaround this problem by copying the automation info of all the track to another track and then pasting it back again to the original, but it would be great to have this bug fixed as it's probably not to hard to do so. Thank you.
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