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    Echo plays the data coming into the track. If there are clips in the track, echo is not necessary to hear the clips.
  2. Glad to help. Building new a DAW can be painful.
  3. The first image shows synth layouts. The second image shows FX layouts. Synths and FX are managed and displayed separately. The synth layouts are displayed where a synth may be added. The FX layouts are displayed where FXs may be added. There is no single view for all layouts. Audio tracks FX racks will show both Synth and FX layouts albeit in separate menu paths. This is because both may be placed in audio track FX racks. The synth rack view only manages synths so it would not make sense to display the FX menu tree there.
  4. I don't understand. The initial image above shows the 3 "Sort by" layouts for synths and one custom synth layout. IOW, all the synth layouts. The second image shows the 3 "Sort by" layouts for FX and one custom FX layout. IOW, all the FX layouts. I don't see a problem. "Sort by manufacturer" is a layout created by the DAW. Like the other "Sort by" options they show all FX or synth plug-ins scanned by the DAW. These have no effect on custom layouts. If a plug-in loads in a project, the plug-in should appear in the three default "Sort by" layouts. However, for a plug-in to appear in the custom layout it must be manually added to the layout using the Plug-in Manager. If you do make sure to re-install CbB.
  5. Probably not a registry issue as the only thing contained in the registry is the layout path which is set in Preferences > File > Folder Locations. Could it be the layout contains a mix of FX and synths plug-ins? While the plug-in manager allows creating layouts containing both, the DAW does not support it.
  6. I am guessing the one that is showing was built using the current installation. Were the other 2 built at the same time? Do the other 2 show up as FX layouts?
  7. If all one has is CbB, the steps to convert wav files (or any format recognized by the DAW) from one sample rate to another are Drag all the clips into a project set to the appropriate sample rate Save the project Close the project The converted clips will be in the project audio folder. Exporting clips is necessary only if a format other than wav is desired.
  8. I used to be one myself. Then I was promoted to whipping boy and department sin eater.
  9. IIRC, the Style Dials use older versions of the plug-ins. I learned their structure the hard way. When I was volunteered to support MC7, I installed the DAW and it blew up some of the Platinum plug-ins. A few rounds with the devs and the problem was sorted out. They could be DX, VST2 or VST3 because FX Chains supports all formats but, in this case, they are all VST2.
  10. This is not a big deal, however; the devs monitor the current feedback thread closely. Posting issues with the current release in the feedback thread may get a faster reply and a fix, if it truly is a current release issue. This one, of course, is not unique to 2021.12.
  11. An easy fix. Glad it worked for you. This is not new. The problem started in 2013 with the release of SONAR X3. At that time, the default for "Enable MIDI Output" changed. Any synth capable of sending MIDI data has "Enable MIDI Output" turned on. This along with "Always Echo Current MIDI Track" defaulting to enabled caught many users. This setting changes track inputs to Omni if they were set to None. Starting with CbB 2021.01, if a project contains any plug-in with "Enable MIDI Output" turned on, instead of switch None to Omni, the DAW switches to "All External Inputs Omni", a new input option. This way the user has to actively select an input capable of picking MIDI data from plug-ins.
  12. The button in red is E The triangle in blue is D
  13. When docked with the browsers using the synth rack, click on a synth then click "D" in the image to open the menu with the connect/disconnect option. For more info see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Browser.11.html
  14. Likely plug-in related. Disconnect the synths one at a time until the spike goes away. Connect/Disconnect toggle is in the synth rack menu (D in the image below) when docked with the browsers. When undocked or in the multidock, use the power button next to each synth.
  15. Yes, BA keeps track of what has been installed using registry entries. If CbB (or the SI Suite) was installed and removed without performing a clean install the best way to get the plug-ins back is use the Cakewalk Web Installer. The Cakewalk Web Installer does not track installs.
  16. I doubt it is related to 2021.12 but there is an easy way to test. Roll back to the previous release and see if the problem still exists. For some time now, a rollback installer link is in every release announcement. When encountering issues known to be related to the current release, the best approach is posting the problem in the feedback thread for the release. Here is the feedback thread for 2021.12.
  17. Often the result of the record enabled track input set to "All Inputs - MIDI Omni" and a synth plug-in with "Enable MIDI Output" turned on. Change the input and/or check the VST2/3 drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI
  18. Try the mute button on the track
  19. It was a DAW made by Twelve Tone Systems (later known as Cakewalk). Here is a product announcement, an SOS review and a website created when the DAW was actively developed and sold. Ultimately Cakewalk discontinued the product after 2 releases. Some of the Project 5 features were integrated into SONAR and are still part of Cakewalk by BandLab.
  20. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x1894E
  21. They are dependent on Cakewalk developed plug-ins Not in user documentation Some FX Chains bundled with CbB used plug-ins that were not bundled with the DAW. AFAIK, this issue was addressed in 2020.08. I don't believe TH3 was involved. That plug-in is bundled with CbB. Any FX Chains made with it should still work. I know there were some using Channel Tools. This plug-in was not in the original distribution but was added later.
  22. Is the arpeggiator section enabled?
  23. Possibly but I doubt it. Style Dials were originally developed for Music Creator 7. It did not have the full ProChannel, instead it had a MixStrip similar to SONAR Home Studio, Artist and Steam Edition. Style Dials are customized FX Chains.
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