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    Really really sorry. I know this is old hat, but I'm getting old, and lockdown has addled my brain beyond the scope of caffeine. Looked everywhere, and it's covered loads of places, but not as a fix to my problem. The issue is sound and drivers etc. As usual. I'm fooling around on an old but good enough laptop, onboard sound, trying to get a grip of Cakewalk, so I can help/encourage my teen on the desktop (he has a Soundblaster Audigy card). I loaded the Chernobyl demo (Withered Moment?), and had it all working with MME 32 bit. My son couldn't get sound at first, switched to MME, and was fine except for the latency. So I thought I'd try the ASIO on mine and play with the settings so I could advise on the desktop (I'm loath to distract him from his 'studying' by attacking the desktop, and he had a fever last week so we're kind of avoiding each other...) Except it killed sound altogether. So back with MME, and original settings. Still nothing. System sounds were fine. Played with the settings, ensured everything matched, complied with the guidance, still nothing. Restarted each time; uninstalled and reinstalled; restarted windows. Still nothing. Downloaded ASIO4ALL, got close to installing, then had a thought... Each time I've carefully ensured that I haven't resaved the Chernobyl demo project, there's nothing to save, but it may be I saved in error at some stage. But this time I opened a blank project, 4 simple tracks. Lo and behold, it records, metronome sounds work, and it plays back. Still on MME that is. But the Chernobyl demo still doesn't work. So I'm assuming that there's some setting that gets saved with a project automatically? Or that there's a project related global mute somewhere that I can't find? Or some other project specific setting that I'm too stupid to see? Again I'm sorry. I expect it's a simple thing that you've all addressed a thousand times, but I'm grateful for any guidance and your forbearance. Edit - just deleted all projects, loaded other demos to find that they work. Deleted the Chernobyl folder and reloaded the demo, and that now works. So somehow the project stores old driver settings, but doesn't show them in the preferences menu? Or there's some global project related setting that I can't find? How do I try out different driver options to optimise latency if the test project apparenly saves trial settings in a way that I can't find or amend, so that I can't tell which setting is being used. What am I not seeing or understanding? (And still playing around, WASAPI and MME both work, but not ASIO. If once I've tried ASIO, I reset preferences back to either of the two other drivers, I still can't get sound, (despite them working a moment ago) until I delete the project, and reload it de novo. So there is some driver setting attached to the project? I don't want to have to adjust a driver setting within a project that he wants to keep, to find that the sound has gone altogether, and is irretrievable for that project, without deleting that project and having to build another all over again? )
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