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  1. Very kind Lynn .. you have the badge of diplomacy 😉 LOL Steve
  2. Many thanks for the advice Tom, I have remixed it with your suggestions and it's made it a whole lot better. I have left it on Sound Cloud as a second version should you be curious .. thanks again Steve https://soundcloud.com/user-936763372-896820317/fthem-all-1
  3. Everything Mr Kirby said with bells on ! Great title too ..
  4. Thankyou Bjorn for your empathy & comments here and on S/C .
  5. f.. THEM ALL (SupaReels Music) Why do people do such awful things Without a care they'll break your heart They don't hear, they won't hear a word you say Don't let them in and see behind your smile ..and they'll say, such hurtful things, They can break your heart with a single word Little children laughing as they play And each innocent heart will slowly fade away I say .. ***** them all let them have their way ***** them all don't you listen to a thing they say People do such dreadful things That can make you cry night and day You can hear the whispers behind your back, and if you ... .. put out your hand they just slap it back and push you away So I say .. ***** them all let them die away The love you send will always be... come what may Your sweetness, your happiness is what they see The things they do, to you, is just jealousy They'll break your will, if you let them in It's the way some people are ...in the world. and that's a sin ...so ***** them all cause your mine to love and so you see When this world gets to you come and talk to me .. I'll set you free Take away the air I breath ..take away my sight Take away those things that comfort me when it's late at night Take away the bricks where we hide behind and loose the wall Take away my pride 'cause I don't care at all The love you send is all I need and know you know it's true Nothing matters in this wicked world as long as I'm with you, I'm with you
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