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  1. Thank you for this hotfix and posting on the Facebook pages. I installed the last build and straight away had problems in playback - terrible noise, no matter the latency. This update fixed all that (whew) - no I can get back to making music.
  2. I tried running it - but I'm getting "Something Went Wrong - Are you connected to the internet?" (Obviously I am). Anyone else having this problem? FIXED: I had to redownload the app from Spitfire site. This repaired everything and then gave me the option to optimize my sample libraries.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted anything here. So here goes... I've just released my latest full album offering. This one is a bit different from my usual vibe. It's a soundtrack to an imaginary film. No vocals, lots of piano and strings. You can here it here on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1zami2fsWGn3KIJjuUa6n0 Of on bandcamp: https://53mph.bandcamp.com/album/requiem-for-a-lonely-planet Sorry, no Soundcloud....I've given up posting there. Enjoy and happy Halloween.
  4. I like the sound of Randy's prepared piano. :D I used to do a similar thing with my guitar.
  5. This may seem like a dumb question, but have you tried plugging the audio interface in with a different cable? Sometimes the USB cables break. Try subing it with a different cable. Also, try cleaning the USB connection pins. They can get dirty over time. My money is on the Windows update *****in up the drivers. Have you tried rolling back? Or clean installing the drivers?
  6. I remember a few years back, Cakewalk worked closely with Microsoft to achieve near zero latency with WASAPI drivers. (Great job) Am I the only one who has noticed that this appears to have changed recently? It may have been the recent Windows 10 update, but I've noticed that my USB audio device is no longer appearing greyed out in the latency bar, as it used to be, and that I have to keep adjusting the latency bar up if I don't want audio to drop out. What has happened? I'm also finding that when I switch audio devices from external USB audio device, to internal drivers, I need to rescan the device to avoid audio drop outs or problems with effects loads. I never used to have to do this. Any advice welcome.
  7. Word of warning - it's only 5,400 rpm, so if you're planning on streaming from it, I'd get something else.
  8. Sometimes I wonder if the answer is just to get a group of musicians together to record what you want to produce. If the price of a 'great' library is 2 grand, and you're going to use it only once or twice, would it be cheaper to hire some musicians and studio time for a day? I don't know, really. Just putting it out there.
  9. Thanks for the advice Feral State - I tried using some free Video Software such as HitVideo on my old laptop, but it crashed continuously and was a waste of time. Since using Vegas, I've had no problems. Thanks for the advice though.
  10. I got the bundle last time around. Great offer, especially, if like me, you don't have any decent video editing software.
  11. I've been closing some of those accounts. Around a year ago, when I hoped on some of those 'oh so tempting' deals, I started getting a ton of spam mail. I know it was from one of those sites I signed up to, because it was all for American stuff - and I don't live in the US. Basically, my email had been sold on to a third party spammer, and now I get a mountain of spam every day (except for the occasional periods when they go quiet...like over the Easter holidays ???). I've got email filters galor, but it still gets through. Now when I see these 'freebie' offers, I wonder whether it's worth the spam.
  12. Here's a crazy idea: Would it be possible to make some 'hot buttons' voice activated? Something like "Hey! Cakewalk, hit record!" To start the record function.
  13. This was published some time ago on the old forum, but seeing as there are a number of deals on 'traditional' instruments, I thought I'd highlight this wonderful collection. Totally free, but you will need the full Kontakt player. http://en.catsnu.com/Project/GugakVSTi.aspx I've already used them on a number of songs: including the ones below if you want to hear them in situ: https://hitrecord.org/records/3675876
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