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  1. I guess, yes. Is there such thing as a midi triggered expression pedal?
  2. Does anyone know of there are any virtual wah wah pedals that can be played using a digital piano pedal? Just curious
  3. Definitely a much better performance. You sound a lot more present in the choruses than before. There are a few tuning issues that you could correct post production, but a much better performance. Bravo! I personally dislike using auto-tune software as I find my vocals work better when they are slightly flat, but something that I like to do sometimes is to run my vocal through an auto-tune and make a note of where it corrects my vocals (this give me a map of where my vocal deaf-spot might be while performing), then I re-sing the vocals paying attention to hit those notes correctly. I am not a great vocalist. I work with what mother nature has given me. But I do like to be as honest as possible with my vocal performances.
  4. Lovely production on the piano and drums. Crazy drum roll at 2:00, but I loved it. You know what I'm gonna say - the voxs need work. You start off really well. Nailed that Lennon sound to your voice. But you need to carry that on to the chorus and really let rip. You probably already know the story about how Lennon and Yoko got into a weird screaming therapy group called Primal Scream (which went on to be the name of a UK band). Lennon used to scream out those lines, just like in the song Mother. It's a risky vocal to do. Like a high wire act. I'd never take up that challenge personally, so hats off to you. For curiosity sake, there is a video of Lennon performing Mother live, where he's chewing gum, and, either his vocal chords aren't warmed up or else he suddenly swallows his gum....you hear his voice just snap. He carries on, but it's nothing like the album version. Check out the 1 minute mark. So, my advice - channel your birthing self. Let rip with that first primal scream of birth and really attack that chorus. ....and don't forget to have fun doing it.
  5. Are you going to put up a new mix? I'll give it a listen when you do.
  6. Philip G Hunt

    door # 2

    Are you the love child of Daniel Johnston, Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart? The track is insane - but I strangely like it.
  7. Great groove. When I lived in London, I used to buy acid jazz compilations from Camden Dock Market. There was a guy who would put together cassettes of stuff like Jimmy Smith, and this track would not have been out of place on one of those compilations. Great job.
  8. Nice! Have you tried approaching Library Music companies or tried to get into TV music production? I think you'd fit right in there. Great job.
  9. I'm going to be a little harsh here, but don't take it badly. I only want to help. The 'funky drummer' of the Fairfax I imagine to be in time and spot on, right? but the guitars feel a bit off time throughout the mix. It feels like the drums and guitar are in competition for the beat. Could this be a latency problem? Are you recording at zero latency? If I were you, I would practise to perfection strumming with the funky drummer before laying down a new mix. Get that upstroke/downstroke working like clockwork and then you'll have a tight track. Hope this helps.
  10. You certainly chrushed my dreams with this! Interesting and difficult at times, but def interesting.
  11. Great job. On a personal level I find it a bit reverb heavy, but that's just my preference. Are you playing the sax in this?
  12. Philip G Hunt

    Too Much

    I agree with Mark. The vocal reverb needs some taming. Have you added a deesser to the vocals? I'm trying to put my finger on who this reminds me of. It's got an 80s vibe to it for sure. Good job.
  13. Really good production. Sounds so pro. I cannot really add anything of value. Great job!
  14. Hi guys, This is a track I published a while back, but I was never really happy with it. I found the mix too weak, lacking grit. So I've added some more guitar layers. The big change however is my attempt at a reverse guitar solo around the 2min mark. I had fun doing that. This is the mix straight from the DAW. I haven't started the Mastering yet. Be interested to hear what people have to say. Cheers as always.
  15. I do indeed know Sea and Cake. I haven't listened to them in a long time...but now I will. 👍 Untuned String? Surely not? 😆
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