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  1. Yeah, thanks for that. Still don't know what happened to YouLicense though.
  2. So, I was reading through an old pdf called The Indie Artist Guide, a free pdf put together by Zedd Records, and in one of the sections on Music Licensing there is a link to YouLicense.com ..... however, when you click on it, it now takes you to some scam site called Free Credit Card Rush, which tells you how to generate Fake Credit Card numbers !!!! This is one pf the things that scares me most about the internet. Somewhere along the line YouLicense has gone ***** up (as we say in the UK) and the site has been taken over by some scammer (or worse) - so what happened to all the data submitted to YouLicense by artsist and musicians over the years? If users of YouLicense had to make payments via credit card, are these the credit card details that the scammers are giving out? It makes me sad how often scammers take advantage of artists' dreams and aspirations.
  3. Hey guys, I've made a music video 🥳 If you enjoy Monty Python animations, cowboys, and jellyfish, you should like this video. Link you YouTube here:
  4. Hmmm! I've got a few WA plugins, but I rarely use them. The 9 bucks bundle does contains an orchestra synth though. Anyone used it?
  5. One thing to remember about sample libraries is that when a new 'magic bullet' comes out, it's used to death on productions (especially TV scores). Sometimes while watching TV shows with my wife, I drive her mad by naming the sound libraries used in the soundtracks (I suppose it's a step up from naming nuts). 🐶 With that in mind, a different approach is to make your own libraries. What a lot of people never seen to get into is using Kontakt in this way. My last few songs have all contained my own bass instrument (made from a detuned flamenco), and my own drums (Cajon). This will make sure your sound is at least as unique as your sampling ability. 😉 Leading on from this: check out Pianobook for some interesting DIY Kontakt instruments.
  6. Yes, the msWord reader is not bad. It is, in fact, one of the voice options on the site I mentioned. The female voice is definitely better than the male one (UK).
  7. I've been using the computer output jack to digital recorder in. All I need is MP3 quality, so it works fine. It's as difficult as putting a jack in a socket....so no biggy.
  8. I'm going to answer myself here. I found a fantastic Ai text to speech site called https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/ Some of the voices are so close to realistic (US Male Davis & US Female Nancy) that, if you punctuate your text well enough, they sound real. I think Davis is the voice they use for all the Radio and Podcast ads recently. The site gives you 5 minutes of free text per day. So it's good for short text. I haven't used their MP3 conversion tool, because I don't want to sign up to another service, so I'm recording to a digital recorder and editing the files. I must say, this one service blows all the other ones out the water. Does anyone know of any others?
  9. Over 367,000 it would seem. 😱
  10. Philip G Hunt

    BFD 3 $99

    It's worth the upgrade. Bfd3 got an update after the InMusic acquisition, which fixed a lot of the issues people had. I find it stable enough now. There is always an issue with occasional need for activation, but it's no worse than other companies. Also, if you're into endlessly tweaking your kit then bfd is great for that. Some other drum VSTs are a bit limited in that respect. I personally think you can get closer to a 'realistic' clean drum sound with bfd. But that's only my HO.
  11. Hi guys, In my day job, I'm a language teacher and I've got a lot of students who need to practice their listening skills. I've got this book that I use all the time which, unfortunately, is missing the audio cd. There is an audio script for the listenings which I usually read out, however, I want them to hear voices other than mine. It's a very old book and out of circulation, but I was thinking of recreating the audio tracks using the audio script via a text to speech converter. I can see that there are a number of paid services online that do very good readings. Microsoft Word also has a pretty good Audio Reading tool. However, to get the MP3, you either need to pay or I would need to record the audio onto an external MP3 player (not too hard, but a bit time consuming). Does anyone know of an easier method? Cheers Btw: I hope I've been clear in my explanation.
  12. Are these playable instruments or just sample packs? I've never used the company before.
  13. It looks really nice. The only thing stopping me from getting Mixbus is that I work on a laptop and I imagine the layout would be way too small to use on a laptop screen. I may be wrong though. Is anyone using it on a laptop?
  14. But how did you get through the payment process. It asks for either your Magix account, or it asks you to sign in as a guest....and then you have to provide your address, in which case it will be rejected.
  15. Just a little note: This offer is only for US customers. I'm based in the EU and it wouldn't let me fulfill the purchase.
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