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  1. Good to know. I'll see what I can do. Thanks
  2. This is an as yet un-titled guitar piece I've been working on. I love using alt tunings, and this 'flowery' tuning produced this track. In terms of the mix - the main acoustic guitar is played directly into the soundcard via a pickup jack (not the best of sounds, but I've tried to keep the worst of the squeaks and rubs out),- I'm aiming for the kind of sound Thurston Moore has on his acoustic albums. I'd be interested to know if I'm getting there or not. Any feedback welcomed
  3. Hmmmm. I watched the video and I'm not massively impressed with the sound. It sounds like old Casio keyboard presets. It might work for video game music, but I cannot see myself ever using it in a serious composition. Personally I think there are a lot of better options out there for free (the Spitfire Audio for example) that far surpass this, even if they may be more Ram heavy.
  4. Song's going to be premiering on Radio Wigwam's Eclectica hour this Thursday and Saturday 🍺
  5. Last mix (I promise) - I think this is it.
  6. Thanks Lynn, I really appreciate that. I've been mixing and mastering everything myself (on headphones). I used Ozone 9's suggested settings but found them too 'high end' for my ears, so I pulled back on the bass suppression and high boost. Perhaps too much. I'll go back and have a listen tomorrow with fresh ears. Do you know Thurston Moore's acoustic albums? I've got that sound in my head when I made this track....that and Saddle Creek. But thanks for the listen. I'm glad it resonates with you. 🙏
  7. Thanks for the focused feedback. I've worked a bit on the drums (added some variations here and there) and boosted the snare from the chorus on. Here's the newer version.
  8. Thanks @Dream Art Scientists that is exactly the vibe I was going for. Glad I hit the mark.
  9. Hi guys, It's been a long time since I've written new music, but this track was written and recorded within a week. It just came out fully formed. I'd love to know what you think. Thanks. Note: I've updated the link to the most recent version.
  10. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm not really thinking of the money, just curious as to how the different platforms seem to perform in terms of visitor numbers. It seems that You Tube is doing something right because I'm getting a lot of hits without even pushing the tracks.....whereas Spotify.....I'm on about 20 playlists, but they only start counting after 20 plays, so the numbers are very low. I have no idea what is happening with Apple though.....zero interest on Apple. I guess my music just doesn't appeal to Appleheads. Well done on the subscriber base.
  11. I'm in Italy, and it works here.
  12. On track 1, the main guitar is my old Danelectro plugged straight into the desk, is that the one you mean? Most of the track was recorded on a Digital 8 track (year 2000 baby) with some Zoom effect rack. The drums were recorded with 3 mics in Archway practice studios into the digital 8 track (pretty impressive if you ask me). Bass may have been recorded at a studio in Brixton. Vocals (if I remember) were recorded in my old companies pro recording studio, so nice mic. Everything else was recorded by me on either a cassette 4 track, or Digital 8 track, or into Cool Edit. It was slated to be a single release (got a release note and everything), but it never happened.
  13. 😳 Really? What region are you in?
  14. I think the best way of putting it is that the CD version was more transparent with more variation in the high and low volume peaks. Streaming tends to squash the sound more because it needs to cut through on all types of speakers (laptop, car, crappy earbuds). It needs to be more in your face.
  15. Philip G Hunt

    Drunken Eyes

    I've recently reissued my officially unreleased album from 2002. The original mixes were mastered for vinyl and CD, so I remastered it for streaming. It's up on all the usual platforms, but surprisingly You Tube Music seems to be getting the most hits. So, I'll put a link to that here> It's really interesting looking at the stats I get back from all the various platforms. Currently, top of the streams is You Tube Music, followed by Spotify. What's really interesting though is that Apple Music has zero hits. Every now and then I get a Shazam, but Apple has never delivered for me. Does anyone still use it for music? Another disappointment is Deezer. No love for Deezer, it seems.
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