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  1. I suspected the same thing as you. I wonder what else may have been changed in the .INI files. I wish I had taken note of the previous parameters before updating so as to compare. I've now clean installed a much earlier build from 2020 and it it's performing better. They was an issue with the latest AAS VSTs not working as should with CbB. I have rolled then back to the previous install. Now, I've just got to figure out why Spitfire plugins are causing drop outs. I've tried a repair, but I might have to do a reinstall. 😢
  2. Very true. I've already uninstalled all AAS prog.s and reinstalled older installers. This resolved the issue immediately.
  3. Did you update to the latest versions of AAS (as this thread stated)? If yes, do me a favour: Try opening three instances of the Chromaphone 3 in the same session. Do they all open? Is there an unusual lag in opening time? Do they all function correctly when played in the same session? Cheers.
  4. Guys, anyone who hasn't updated to the latest AAS versions - you might want to hold off. It isn't playing well with the latest CbB build. The result is that you cannot open more than one instance of AAS in a project, as well as general slow loading. I don't know if this effects other DAWs - anyone seen problems?
  5. I was having similar problems to you - I uninstalled all AAS instruments and reinstalled from an earlier installer. Seems to be working now. There was def something wrong with the last AAS installer batch.
  6. I'm performing a culling of AAS instruments as we speak - I'll be reinstalling the older versions as soon as I finish my Zoom meetings today. Yes, you're right - on Win 7, you probably shouldn't update AAS or CbB anymore. I'll let you know how it goes. BTW: Congrats on the airplay.
  7. This is interesting - AAS had an update recently of all plugins - I wonder if this could be an issue.
  8. Thanks for the offer - I got a copy from another member (infinite thanks).
  9. Have you tried multiple instances of BBCO or other Spitfire instruments?? Are you able to load more than three with stable performance? If you've got any AAS programs, are you able to load multiple instances of these? Thanks
  10. This is the moment when I look at my shoes, like a school boy being told off. 😢
  11. I don't know if this will help with trouble shooting. I uninstalled CbB via the normal Windows 10 'uninstall' method and then tried installing Build 2020.08. I'm still having the same issues as above (more than 1 Spitfire instrument causing audio dropout - cannot load more than one instance of AAS) So I decided to try and deep-uninstall using Shampoo Uninstaller, and I get the following message: Any idea why I should be having trouble with this temp file?
  12. I used to do this....then a few months ago I cleaned up my setups and thought "why am I keeping these old setups? Let's delete them" Doh!
  13. I want to confirm that (as well as the issues with Spitfire instruments that I have already reported) - I can no longer load more than one instance of AAS player - the DAW just hangs with the Blue Circle and I have to force CbB to close. And to make matters worse - this is AFTER ROLLING BACK to 2021.01 I beg you @Noel Borthwick is there some way I can do a clean install of the build 2020.08 (which was the last truly stable version I had) or 2020.09 - I've rolled back from 2021.14 to 2021.01, but when I try to roll back to earlier versions it corrupts my install and I have to uninstall and reinstall CbB build 2021.14 again. Help! NOTE: I have tested in SPLAT and I've got 3 instances of AAS opening.
  14. I've already reposted my original post here in the feedback thread, about a week ago (at Noel's request). I've also shared my projects with the team to find the issue. As to rolling back, yes, it seems to have resolved 'most' issues... meaning, I can now get some work done. But the performance is not as good or stable as it was before. All this was reported in the feedback page.
  15. You'll find it here. There's a link on the first page.
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