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  1. Has anyone got Neoverb and these plugins? Is Neoverb just exponential reverbs repackaged with bells on?
  2. I second this - as much as I love Spitfire's sound, their players do not always play well with Cakewalk. I've been using BBC Discovery, OPW, Firewood and Intimate Strings for a while, but it's hit and miss on whether the players will crash my session or not. It might work better in another DAW.
  3. I haven't updated my AAS products for a while. I remember there was an update (this year?) that made it impossible to open several instances of their instruments and caused agonizingly slow performance. If they've fixed all that, I'm happy to update.
  4. Any unusual activity with AAS products after installing?
  5. A little heads up. If you own version 6, get the upgrade to 7 directly from Acon. 20 bucks well spent.
  6. I've just downloaded the demo and tried out the Remix tool - WOW! That is a pretty good tool! You convinced me.
  7. I got Acoustica 6 standard some years back, and I must say it's a very nice smooth glitch free experience. No nonsense installer, small for size and super clean graphics. I've only used it for cleaning up audio or converting file types, but I like it. A great substitute for Cook Edit Pro or Sound Forge. I'm tempted to upgrade to 7. 👍
  8. Ain't that the truth. 😕
  9. Yes, I found it less stable than Vegas.
  10. Have you tried DaVinci? I know some people get on well with that. My experience with Vegas is that is doesn't play well with 3rd party plugins. If you have tried scanning a folder with VSTs or audio plugins, that may be what is causing it to crash. The experience I had was that I included my DAW VST folders in the Vegas plugin scan and it completely *****ed up some of the VSTs - I had to spend most of a week figuring out which VSTs had been effected, uninstall them, and reinstall them. I learned my lesson the hard way. Now, I keep my plugins to a minimum when using Vegas, and I do any audio processing outside of Vegas, not inside. I guess it's the age old problem of using your laptop for multi-tasking. You should really have a machine dedicated for Audio, another for Video, and another for internet - but we can't afford to fill our houses with laptops, can we?
  11. One little trick I learned for Vegas is, before rendering, collapse (minimize) all the tracks and close all windows (preview, plugin, FX etc..). Then render. It cuts rendering time in half.... sometimes even more. Hope this helps
  12. Simeon - you're a bit off in this video. What's up man? You seem flustered.
  13. I'll give it a go. I mix on headphones, so I often get the bass wrong. Cheers 👍
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