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  1. I'm following this thread closely with my finger on the PayPal trigger....
  2. Ah Steve, that Taylor Guitar set sounds great with my Tanglewood in TH3 with a spring verb chained after it. Great find. Thanks for the link. 👍
  3. I hate to say it, but I had a listen to the demo and it is....not very inspiring. Even for 19 bucks.
  4. I'm very interested in these for acoustic guitar. Could you tell me what software I can load them into? I've got all the software that came with Splat. Is there something in there that they can load into? Cheers EDIT: I see you did a whole post on sigma using the TH3, so you've already answered my question. 😉 Cheers "Technique: Making a DI'd acoustic guitar sound like its mic'd using IR's. - Cakewalk by BandLab - Cakewalk Discuss | The Official Cakewalk by BandLab Forum" https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/876-technique-making-a-did-acoustic-guitar-sound-like-its-micd-using-irs/
  5. Pity I cannot get this through JRR - when I log in it says the deal is not available in my region (Europe).
  6. Looks like Spitfire have a new scoring competition.....🥳
  7. It's a shame that some other DAW makers don't offer this option (I'm looking at you Magix) - every time I start Sound Forge I have to go through a plugin scan - one time something went pear-shaped and I my entire VST folder got corrupted. Spent most of a week reinstalling my VSTs.
  8. This hoarding behaviour is not healthy, you know? I once went to a guys house who had an entire room floor to ceiling with old 80s synths. I asked him 'which is your favourite to play?' his response 'i don't know how to play them. I just collect them. '. 😳
  9. I wish PB would have something for those of us who bought Phoenix verb through them. Some way of transferring the offer to a similarly priced plugin. For example: I don't have all the izotope verbs, so if I could swap the Phoenix for Nimbus, if be a happy camper. Just an idea
  10. If you're looking for an interesting (and free) Kontakt collection of Eastern sounds, you might find something close to the sound you want in this collection mentioned in an earlier thread. Direct link to library here: http://en.catsnu.com/Project/GugakVSTi.aspx I've used several of their stringed instruments on projects to add an Eastern vibe. The stringed instruments played with hammers have a really great sound. You might find it interesting.
  11. Nice sound. I'm definitely reminded of John Zorn in the instrumentation. I'm not crazy about the singer, but that's just a personal thing, nothing to do with her ability. Just a personal preference. Thanks for sharing the link.
  12. Asia is a big continent - Bollywood music does not take its cues from Western Music in any way, and Bollywood is the biggest cinematic industry in the world. There are musical forms that do not take influence at all from the West and are proud of it. Would you class Bhangra as 'Ethnic' or 'World'? They don't see themselves that way, and 2 billion Indians make up a lot of listeners. Maybe it's time we changed our perspective, yes? I'm not straying off topic, my response relates to the wording of Music Libraries and how shifting musical definitions are changing the titles of the Libraries.
  13. I totally agree that cross fertilization is healthy for music. In recent years there has been a watershed moment. Until relatively recently, the biggest selling artists in the USA and the UK could all trace their roots back to a very specific origin, black music. Most major genres from rock to country, from Rap to Hip hop had their roots in black style rhythm and blues (early country blues being the precursor of them all), and by extension, all of the music that followed from that including punk, indie etc... Then something changed. European techno. A genre that is so un-funky, so un-black. Major artists started sounding more and more Euro techno and less and less soulful (Lady Gaga comes to mind) and they quickly became the mainstream. Synth driven pop. Add to that the new growth in Asia pop, Middle Eastern sounds, and we are getting further and further away from the soulful black roots music that had dominated for so long. As much as I know music cannot stand still, I really lament the loss of soul in new pop songs. They don't aim to seduce your ears, but to assault you.
  14. An interesting development that we will all have to get used to is the growing power of Asian music and the diminishing influence of 'Western' music. While the West are wrapping themselves in knots trying not to offend other cultures, these other cultures are driving ahead and gaining ever bigger market share. These cultures are far less worried about offending others music...and they have the weight of numbers on their side. And if we follow this trend of 'numbers' dominating the arguement. It won't be long before western music becomes the 'other' or 'old world' of the music categories. Just a thought.
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