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  1. Maybe every time they see you log in, they flick the switch. 🎚️ Messin' with year head.
  2. That's what I suspected. Thanks for saving me the money. 👍
  3. Does anyone know if any of these books are worth reading, or are they already too dated?
  4. Never a truer word was said. 👏👏👏👏👏
  5. I'm on a Dell XPS running Windows 11 - I get exactly the same crash as you. As you said, when I try to close the GUI. And before we point the finger at Dell or Windows 11, I had exactly the same behaivour on my old HP Pavilion running Windows 10 and before that Windows 7. I've never been able to get Harrison AVA plugins to work in CbB. For my sins, I just tried installing it again - same proplem. As soon as I try to minimize or close the GUI, it locks up CbB and I cannot do anything. I have to force close the application. Uninstalled.
  6. I got it (free...so no harm done). I'll try installing later.
  7. I picked this up a while back and I cannot get it to work in CbB. It crashes the system every time. Is anyone using it in CbB? Free is only good if you can actually use it.
  8. It's been a long time coming, but this song is now out on all good (and bad) Streaming services today. https://open.spotify.com/album/4KJSEpK8awp8GEy25XKOsE?si=fuTTTA1xSzu9uww-iZhmpQ&utm_source=copy-link I haven't been pushing it very hard, but it's been getting spins on internet radio. I'm hoping it will make it onto a playlist or two. If any of you guys want to give it a listen, it'd be much appreciated 🙏
  9. Has anyone used these programs? Just curious.
  10. I did try and warn you off Lenovo.I 've tried them out, but always found the performance to be well below the specs. Call me paranoid, but I just did trust them.
  11. I bought my Dell second hand from eBay. It's an XPS 15 Touch. Fan noise is super quiet. My old HP sounds like it's asthmatic by comparison. My son's new HP pavilion is pretty good with heat, You know there is a simple hack to get the power settings menu back, right?
  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That made me laugh out loud.
  13. If you're a hobbiest, a laptop and usb-c soundcard will set you back less than 1,000 (if you shop smart). Spending a fortune on a man cave in your 50s is a sign of mid-life crisis. 😉
  14. Just get a decent laptop second hand for all round work and use that for everything. At this point in your life there is no point having a boutique machine. If you're not making money from your music, don't throw more money at it if you cannot afford it. 3500 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a hobby. Just gets second hand laptop for under 1k.
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