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  1. Seems to be resolved. For some reason I had to set the "C{hannel)" in the MIDI Track Strip. It makes sense, but why did it work before without setting it and doesn't now. Oh well, the issue is resolved!
  2. Certainly possible; I try to stay current with OS patches. But, according to MIDIOX the midi is on channel 1 which is set for "upper manual" in VB3.
  3. I purchased VB3 from GSI in 1974. I've been very happy with the sound but recently I've been experiencing a problem. Sometimes I will insert an instance in a new project and I'm unable to get it to sound with my MAUDIO controller. I am able to see the midi activity in the step sequencer and if I click on the note in the step sequencer it sounds. I inserted several other VST instruments and everything else seems to work. If I load an existing project that has an instance of VB3 in it, everything seems to work. I suspect I have something set wrong somewhere, but I can't find a difference between one that works and one that doesn't. Any suggestions on where to look?
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