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  1. Can you please explain your workflow using Step Sequencer as articulation switcher? Let's say I have a melody line in Pianoroll done, and now I'd like to put C1 switch before some notes in the middle of the line, and a few others to have a D1 switch before they start. How could Step Sequencer be of help here?
  2. Would be so nice to have this feature added that Reaper has - allowing custom note names displayed right on the piano keys. Simply assign a shortcut, select a piano key, hit shortcut, name the note. This naming map gets saved just for that midi track. This is so convenient with modern sample libraries that have zillions of articulation switches. Another awesome feature would be allowing to have envelopes in the midi controller lanes. I know you can assign envelopes for MIDI in the track view, but having and editing them right within Pianoroll controller lanes would be some next level stuff, so convenient.
  3. Just found a small annoying bug where the Arranger view wouldn't scroll with a touch scrolling in the track view on a touch screen. It zooms properly but stays frozen in place once finger scrolling is involved. Once scrolled with the regular bottom bar it jumps back in place. Hope it gets fixed in the next revision.
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