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  1. I believe you would need to deselect the Stomp outputs and the Focusrite ones become available.
  2. I think I have figured this out and I believe it is a bug. Everything does work correctly just like on your video UNLESS you have an open Piano roll window in the troublesome screenset. Try to do the same now with Piano roll on the screenset without tempo track but with arranger track present. Arranger track diappears every time you switch from tempo map screenset.
  3. I haven't been able to replicate this on my other computer as well so I guess it's a glitch of my particular laptop, will have to investigate further. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hmmm weird. Which of my setting files would I need to attach for you to check out why it doesn't work here?
  5. Here's how to reproduce the bug: Start with the supplied Advanced template, it has both Arranger and Tempo tracks Hide the Tempo track Switch to second screenset, it will have Tempo track displayed again. Enlarge the tempo track like on my screenshot Switch back to the first screenset - Arranger track will be gone there.
  6. It doesn't matter if I use my old template (resaved of course) or take a new one as a starting point, once I switch between workspaces OR screensets one of which has the tempo map displayed and the one doesn't, the arranger track on the one that doesn't have tempo map disappears like on my screenshot above.
  7. Most likely a bug: displaying the tempo track in a different screenset or a workspace affects the layout of the original screenset/workspace without tempo track once you return to it.
  8. I'm not sure if it's a bug or something weird with my system - I cannot save the basic template anymore. I'd like to make some changes to this template that I have loading on startup, pick Basic.cwt to overwrite, press Save, the save window closes as if everything is good, however the file doesn't get overwritten, it's still the old one with the old modification date. If I delete it before saving it gets saved correctly, it just won't overwrite.
  9. It is pretty blurry to my eyes, here's an image to compare proper Highres text with the one of Cakewalk. It's bearable but... Wish Cakewalk properly supported high resolution screens, hopefully in the future.
  10. If you think of it, that would be actually a great idea to allow dynamic ranges of CC data within articulation maps. Like allowing to choose start and end values which will be changing over time within the drawn articulation. Easy drawn , copyable and scalable pitch bend up/down events, easy velocity fading and so on. Would be cool, goes way beyond articulation switching.
  11. I think it would be logical to just add an option "select articulations with notes" like we have now for controllers.
  12. How to I select them with a clip? For instance I have many separate clips on a MIDI track and would like to rearrange some of them within the same track? Right now it seems impossible without destroying their respective drawn articulations.
  13. Just found a bug - if you move a midi clip with articulations assigned in the track view, the articulations stay where they are and won't move with the clip.
  14. Would be cool to have a place on the forum for exchanging user made articulation maps. Here's one I made for Modo bass. So much easier to make more realistic performances now, thanks Bandlab. Modo Bass.artmap
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