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  1. Hi, I never posted before but after this new release I have some serious problems. Before the update when I used sonitus surround and disabled it, it would make a mono track into a stereo. I could then pan a track with a plugin and add stereo effects. I haven't knew about "convert to stereo" option when right clicking on the track, but I know now, and I used it since the other method doesn't work anymore, but it's still mono... I haven't used a mono plugin either if you are wondering. I even deleted all the plugins, putted a pan plugin only to no avail too, so without any plugins the clip looks stereo, but it's still mono, doesn't pan, as the built in pan is not even highlighted. I attached a picture of the track, converted into stereo, but in the plugins it's in mono as you can see one grey line in-between the plugins, and the pan is not highlighted above the volume control. Please help as I can't mix without stereo... Regards Edit: Okay figured it out, there's a button above the Mute that changes the track into stereo or mono. All's fine!
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