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  1. I use iD14 too. Try: Edit/Preferences/Audio/Playback and Recording/ then Tick the 'Suspend Audio Engine When Cakewalk is Not in Focus.' worked for me.
  2. Thanks Andy. If you love something enough you'll get good at it and the long old road is worth every step. emeraldsoul thank you: My keyboard is a touch sensitive (an absolute prerequisite for any serious pianist) Yamaha S90. The piano sound is Komplete's "Giant" which i programmed to "All that Jazz" Interesting to note that Keith Jarrett nearly cancelled that 1975 concert as the piano was not up to scratch and he had back problems at the time: the magic of serendipity! However, it remains one of the best selling jazz albums of all time.
  3. Thank you Wookiee and funnily enough I did give up learning this piece in 1991 about 4 bars in. Thanks David, I watched someone play this on youtube and realised the chords were fairly simple so I added the tune to them. I did a combination of watching, using my ear, following a midi score and listening to Keith Jarrett himself play it. I still haven't finished it though. It's a piece that I never tire listening to and playing.
  4. Originally played at the Koln Concert 1975 by Keith Jarrett. I in no way am trying to compete with the great man. This is my attempt at an inimitable work of true art. Keith Jarrett is genius personified. https://www.soundclick.com/music/songInfo.cfm?songID=14076484
  5. Thank you Tom for both listening and welcoming me to the forum. I have morphed from the old Cakewalk forum having posted there over the years. So thank you for your generous welcome. I look forward to sharing and critiquing like-minded musicians work.
  6. If you can produce that sound live, there's a steady post Covid market for it. Good Beatles tribute bands were charging £1000 / night over ten years ago here in the south west of England. I appreciate I'm only 62 years old but I could easily put sufficient makeup on to look as old as Paul or Ringo
  7. This sounds fine through my headphones. If anything there needs to be more bass in the last section. I'm mainly pleased you are promoting Steven Wilson who to my mind, oxymoronically, is grossly underrated. I'm impressed you've spent so much time on this track - kudos. i also wasn't aware that one could download individual SW tracks. I would love to work on 'Perfect Life' and cut out the excess verbiage which, without, to my mind would sound heavenly.
  8. Very nice. I enjoyed that. I agree with DeeringAmps: just a bit more more dirt/grit. Maybe that good old-fashioned Beatles phaser in parts but I'm being picky. Good job all round, well done and more please.
  9. Yes, centre the guitar and keyboard a tad closer and you're there!
  10. I share your sentiment in music. They're my kind of chords. So that's the positive side. The finish, however, is muddied/muffled. There are all kinds of VSTs out there and youtube mixing and mastering tips to help your comps become masterpieces but at the moment it's not working with my ears. Perfection in the art of music doesn't exist: it's an eternal learning process so please keep working at it as you are on the right track
  11. Thank you for your positive comments Mark, Lynn, David. I'm a bit more critical. It's very challenging trying to get a rock violin sound on Yamaha S90 keyboard and although not bad I didn't quite pull it off - Jean-Luc Ponty's skill is inimitable but it was fun learning from his style.
  12. Mirage (cover of a Jean-Luc Ponty track) Although written in the seventies, I heard this track by Jean-Luc Ponty a couple of weeks ago for the first time and just had to have a go at reproducing it. I learnt a lot in the process.
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