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  1. ok did the roll back and everything is working fine now. but the current version has the problem loading fx console emulator bus still
  2. yep i just found the roll back versions... minidump is in my post back there i edited it. @Jonathan Sasor cheers
  3. can someone please point me on how to rollback to previous version? its kinda urgent as i need to do some work here. edit : found all versions to roll back here: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/33-product-release-info/ thanks
  4. New version is crashing everytime opening any project while loading "fx console emulator bus" the EA versions didnt had this problem edit - Crash dump now included 11122020_155607.dmp
  5. Its possible to reduce the mouse wheel back to 500ms in the config file? Thanks
  6. ok, thanks for the reply Noel, Its not plugin specific tho, all plugins do some sort of audio glitch and CPU spikes when opening UI or bypassing them from the mixer view. some are much worse than others tho, but almost all of them do create CPU spikes and some clips and audio glitches when executing those actions. even UAD plugins are showing that behaviour in any of my projects, its like a constant behavior. I've atached one of my projects but without the audio files, since its a working in progress for the artist next album. (theres only 20 tracks and 12 busses used in this project) System Specs is : Win 10 enterprise 1909 intel i7 7700k @5ghz watercooled (without overclock the issue is even worse, the CPU spikes are higher) ASUS ROG Strix Nvidia gtx 1080ti 16GB 3333mhz DDR4 RAM Asus ROG Maximus Hero IX Motherboard Apollo Twin DUO USB + Quad Pci-E UAD 2 Card Brennus - Chave.cwp
  7. Hummm the latest sonar platinum version doesn't show such behaviour with the same plugins, i tried cakewalk model 3 thread scheduling (it was set to one for some reason), and the problem is less aparent but still some glitches. Hope this can be investigated and fixed for future updates, if you need anything to help in this investigation let me know, I've worked some years with QA for software development in kunos simulazioni, maybe i can help to find the root of the issue Cheers and thanks
  8. Hello hows it going ? hope everything is fine there. Im having CPU spikes (100%) when opening and closing also when disable and re-enabling the plugins in real time (while playing) to make A/B comparisions, and that causes horrible clips and noises, sometimes it even freezes the session. This happens even with UAD plugins. Another issue is with the CPU thread balancing, i have to turn it off to be able to use some plugins like izotope because if i set it on and try to open izotope imager or exiter for example it can freeze the system with a loud buzz sound till i restart cakewalk, its very strange behaviour and i think both problems has to do with CPU sheduling/balancing on or off, with it ON its much worse. Anyone knows if this kind of problem has been reported in previous versions? Or any way to fix it? thanks
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