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  1. Bingo! That's perfect, thanks so much Mark. At first I thought it wasn't going to work as it still looks very 'stepped' while you're recording the write automation but as soon as you stop it automatically smooths the nodes out. Just what I need I've been a Sonar/CbB user for years but goes to show there's so much stuff under the hood that I'm just not aware of! Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions, now back to the music...
  2. Lol, I appreciate the help Will! I'll take a look at your Landmark nodes suggestion in a bit. That's something I wasn't really aware of for nodes. Trying to speed up my workflow by using a MIDI controller but I feel like I should just work around it for now and get stuff down. Before my middle-age turns to senility and becomes its own landmark node
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Josh but I just tried it with Snap on and off and it didn't help.
  4. I posted this issue here about problems when write automating envelopes using a control surface and getting a smooth envelope: It would be great to have the option to select a default envelope node style when recording write automation (e.g. jump/linear/fast curve/slow curve). Or at least to be able to highlight multiple envelope nodes and bulk change them all to a certain type. At present it's almost not worth using a control surface for this sort of thing and would make workflow so much easier! It also seems to show there's a bug when you right click to drag select a bunch of nodes and then press delete on the keyboard. It doesn't delete all the nodes you've highlighted and leaves a few behind that you have to right click select again and press delete a 2nd time.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Nigel. I haven't used CAL scripts much before and I tried your suggestion but couldn't get it to do anything. The envelope is a volume envelope so I selected the active track, ran the CAL script and entered channel 7 then tried a variety of values for 'Delete every Nth event' but it didn't make any changes to the envelope at all. The envelope in question is just a write automated volume envelope for that track so I'm not even sure that it is channel 7 as it's not MIDI information. The Event view for that track shows 'n/a' under the Channel heading for all envelope nodes so maybe CAL is no use in this instance? This method I had more success with. Although I've used Cakewalk/Sonar for years I guess I've become accustomed to a certain workflow and never really used the draw tool before! So it looks like the best way for me to do this is to do a write automated pass using my X-Touch Mini to get a basic idea of where the changes in the envelope need to be, then use the draw tool to manually draw over it all and smooth it out by hand. I'll need to make sure I get rid of every node in the original envelope as even leaving a small jump in the original envelope will cause a click in the audio. Seems a bit of a hack but at least it should achieve a result! Thanks for the ideas :)
  6. I'm trying out using an X-Touch Mini controller to record an automation envelope for a soft synth. What I'm trying to achieve is a smooth volume envelope that moves up and down through the track. After I've done a pass with write automation enabled, what I end up with can be seen in the attached image. So basically lots of 'jump' nodes when what I really want is them all to be 'linear' for a smoother transition. When I listen back on headphones I can hear lots of very subtle clicks each time it passes a jump node. So firstly is it possible to set default write automation nodes as 'linear' instead of 'jump'? Or is there another way to achieve this? I thought I might be able to bulk select a group of nodes and change them all to linear but that doesn't seem possible unless I've missed something. The only workaround I've found is to kind of manually average out sections by looking for linear places and delete lots of nodes and replace them with one long linear line. But not only is it a pain to do over long tracks (and kind of defeats the purpose of the more natural method of gradually turning a physical knob or slider) but it seems quite buggy. I'll highlight an area with lots of nodes by right clicking and dragging then press delete on the keyboard only to see that it doesn't delete all the nodes I selected. Say I mass select 40 nodes and click delete, it leaves behind maybe 10 of them that I then have to highlight again and delete.
  7. I get this too. Follow the same steps as Helene reported, e.g. I insert Kontakt, arm record and my inputs then switch to this (see attached image). I always have to remember to double check the inputs or I end up with all sorts of weirdness after recording a take (e.g. doubled up recorded notes and clips etc.)
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