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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Yes, I was using Realtek . Do you have any solution for this issue as I cant get myself an external sound card at the moment. Also I have applied the mentioned PC optimizations. As for the audio engine stops, i used to get them frequently till i optimized my PC. The engine used to stop and on troubleshooting, it shows that the reason for the dropout was not identifiable. After the PC optimizations, the dropouts have reduced but I still am unable to play any tracks.
  2. I downloaded cakewalk after a friend recommended it, and was excited to use it only to meet with these massive lags after i installed on my brand new pc. The pc has a i5 2.2 GHz quad core processor, 8 GB RAM and still cakewalk seems to lag even on an empty project. I have increased the buffer size to the max value cakewalk offers. The cpu also doesnt seem to overload showing very normal usage patterns. When I opened a demo file I realized I couldn't play the track. Also to note that I am still able to manage to use all features except one: the play feature. I can add plugins and make music but never play them. Pics describing my problem is attached below. Even lags are bearable but not being able to play any tracks makes it impossible for me to use cakewalk. Can somebody help me with my case??
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