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  1. zakoul

    Microsoft Edge

    And if I have Windows 10 LTSC in which Microsoft Edge is not installed and will not be available through automatic updates, then why does the Cakewalk installer install Microsoft Edge Update on my system? It turns out there is no browser itself, but updates for it are checked ...
  2. Download has gone !!! I didn’t do anything, apparently the problem was on the side of BandLab.
  3. I have the same problem. Cakewalk installs, but nothing happens when installing add-ons. I check the boxes with Studio Instruments Suite and Drum Replacer, click "install" and nothing happens. Can I download Studio Instruments Suite and Drum Replacer separately? https://youtu.be/G6C0FZwxbrw
  4. I can not install add-ons (Studio Instrument Suite and Drum Replacer). I choose, click "install" and nothing happens. (BandLab Assistant v5.2.0) https://youtu.be/G6C0FZwxbrw
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