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  1. Dear Friends, Issue solved ! As you already mentionned, I do confirm that problem was on Bandlab Services side. Studio Instruments Suite has been successfully downloaded and installed on my pc. Go ahead with music creation ! :)
  2. Dear Friends, Root cause should be on Bandlab Services side if I well understand : I will try again tonight
  3. Thanks Dear Friend, But I missed to precise that, yesterday evening, I already : - configured FW to allow public connection to Bandlab Assistant & disabled Antivirus Scan during operation, - Executed Bandlab in Administrator mode (using right click on launcher icon ...) But failed ... I probably have to reinstall Bandlab Assistant and change download Directory path which is pointing currently to .AppData\Roaming ... Many thanks for your help.
  4. Hi All, Very glad to join this amazing community. I failed to download / install Add-ons / Studio Instruments Suite supposed to be available through Bandlab Assistant. My config is PC under Windows 10 Fr Version. Issue is : When I click on "Add-ons Install"Topic, pop-up menu appears with several add-ons to select using checkox. Following this, download / install of selected add-ons is supposed to start, clicking on "Install" button but nothing happens at this time. Has anyone ever had the same issue ? Many thanks in advance for your help.
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