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  1. Hi, Just came across a very strange behaviour which has the potential to screw up your mixing process! Follow the steps below: 1) Create new Empty Project 2) Insert any Soft Synth Instrument and add some midi notes 3) On the master bus (or any other bus) select the automation lane until the drop down appears. Make sure the main bus read enable is on. 4) Toggle the master bus select on and off - the inserted instrument track will toggle select in sympathy. This only happens when there is midi data on the instrument track and the bus automation envelope is active. It doesn't seem to matter which instrument is selected or which bus has an active automation envelop. I noticed it when grouping busses, and an instrument track was unexpectedly added to the group.
  2. Couple of observations regarding the export process. 1) When creating and renaming tasks, and then 'updating tasks with current settings' this fails to refresh the filename until the 'recall task settings' option is used. 2) It would be very nice to have a save tasks option. I'm using tasks in a batch export process to improve the mastering workflow e.g. exporting streaming/CD/mp3 files which are common to every mastering project. I can of course create a mastering template to do the same but the utility value of task presets would be a nice option.
  3. Yep. I'm having the same problem. Because I couldn't install the Cakewalk update, I uninstalled Bandlab assistant and the core Cakewalk programme and now although I'm able to install BA it does nothing when I get to the install option....no download, in fact no network activity at all. I've taken off my anti-virus, checked the firewall access and run BA as administrator, but no success. If this is a bug as scook suggests then let's hope it's fixed quickly.
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