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  1. Thanks for the info everyone! What I need to find out is - is the problem with Cakewalk, Drivers, Windows or something else causing the Blue Screens? It's as if Cakewalk causes the crashs, but the origin of the problem ends up being in the drivers - as was the case with the Buffer Rate issue I previously had caused by the Nvidia driver, but occuring within Cakewalk. Okay cool - so by that logic, do I even need to have the Behringer driver enabled to use it's MIDI functionality? Disabling it might solve my BSOD problem. If it helps diagnose what might be going on, here's some reoccuring errors I get from Event Viewer that might be related to the crashes. I get a lot of errors that seem to relate to the Line6 and what might be a USB driver, but I've never had a problem with it. Windows says everything is up to date. I don't have any system tools to read the dump files from the BSOD yet but I'll try to ge that installed. I get these errors quite often regardless of whether I got a Blue Screen that day, and they're not affecting the functionality of the interface. Here's the BSOD log I got after I tried to start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface connected: Cheers for the help everyone!
  2. Hello, I ran into a kinda similar problem a few weeks ago, but the issue was resolved. You can view that forum here: I have a Line6 TonePort UX8 that I use as an audio interface and a Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD that I only use for MIDI. They are both USB ASIO interfaces and I'm using them in parallel, not connected, so they are neither synced or clocked together. In Cakewalk Preferences I have the Line6 set as the audio device and the Behringer as the MIDI device, and this works fine... However, if I try to start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in, a few seconds after the Cakewalk spalsh screen appears, the system crashes and I get the Blue Screen of Death. I can start Cakewalk with the Line6 just fine, and the most perculiar thing is: if I plug in the Behringer interface after Cakewalk has started there's no problem. I get the message box asking if I want to add the device to the session, select "yes" and it's completely fine and they both work together. I also have no problem having both interfaces active when I'm not using Cakewalk. But something is happening as Cakewalk starts that causes the system to crash, if I have my behringer interface plugged in. Possibly the drivers competing for permissions? Cakewalk getting confused about which drivers are which? Of course the easy workaround is, 'don't start Cakewalk with the Behringer interface plugged in', and that's fine - that's what I've been doing. But I was wondering if anyone knows why this might be happening? Just as a matter of interest.
  3. It worked, a Revelation! Got it down to 256 I have only 5ms latency which is absolutely fine. No Blue screen this time. And recording works! I cannot thank you enough, such a weight off my shoulders! Just to clarify to anyone else having this issue, I did the following steps: 1. Device Manager > Disable all video card audio drivers (see screenshot of device manager above) 2. Cakewalk > Preferences > (Audio) Driver Settings > ASIO Panel (your interfaces driver control panel) > set buffer size to 256. Note: For some reason I couldn't change the buffer size in Cakewalk itself as it just kept reverting back to 512, so I changed it in the Line 6 ASIO control panel itself and Cakewalk followed accordingly. Hopefully this solves everything. Will keep this forum updated if I run into anything else related. Cheers for all the help!
  4. Hey thanks for the quick reply! Is this a standard driver that can be disabled in device manager or does it require deeper intervention? I'm really sorry but all that technical language goes right over my head. I have two graphics cards in my laptop: An Nvidia GeForce GT 650M and an Intel HD 4000 which is integrated with the processor. Both of these have audio drivers too (see below). I think Cakewalk runs using the Nvidia driver, not the intel. Here's a screenshot of my device manager with the audio and video drivers: Should I try simply disabling all the audio drivers I'm not using? Or is it something more complicated that that? Thanks again!
  5. My System: Windows 7 Home 64-bit, 2.4GHz i7, 6GB DDR4 RAM. Cakewalk v2020.04 My Interface: Line 6 TonePort UX8 (Newest ASIO drivers from Line 6 website, 2019 I believe) Hello, So, I've experienced the Blue Screen of Death twice now - every time I try to go lower than 512 samples, which was giving me a 11.6s latency. 512 is the default buffer size for my interface in the ASIO Driver Control Panel. The interface is a Line 6 UX8 which connects via USB 2. Normally this latency wouldn't be too bad but the music I plan to record is quite fast fusiony type stuff so even the slightest slap-back is quite disturbing for the performers. Screenshots of the Preferences Menu below: It first happened when I tried to change the buffer size (Preferences > Device Settings > Mixing Latency) with the slider all the way to the left, I think this was 128 samples. But stupidly, I had channels armed and monitoring at the time, so when the BSoD happened I figured that was my mistake and probably what caused it. After the first attempt, this time I unarmed every track and did a global FX bypass in the mix module too in-case any plugins were causing the problem. I attempted to change the Buffer Size down to 256 samples (not all the way to the left "fast" but second notch to the left) and after a few seconds loading - BAM, I got the Blue Screen again. The Blue Screen was as follows: Aside from this I have to say the program runs beautifully, even with this interface albiet at 512 samples. I haven't tried increasing the buffer size to see what affect that has, but before I put my system through another blue screen I figured I'd ask on here first. I also haven't tried a different interface yet and I understand that it could very well be the interface that's causing the problem. Would really appreciate some input! Does anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks Everyone!
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