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  1. Hi there! I'm new to the software and the forum, please forgive me if this might not be the right place for my thread. I came to cakewalk by searching for a Windows10 Software that I could record with using my touch screen. You see, in creative process, I am really anoyed in using the mouse trackpad whatsoever. I went a while with FL for android, which was fine for my purpose, but latency correction was really bad and my phone's touch screen is honestly not big enough. So here I am with my convertible, and I found Cakewalk should be fully customizeable in terms of GUI. So I wonder: Does anyone ever optimized a workspace for touch? What I need, is basically just simple functions, record, play, metronome , move, cut and split tracks. It would be wonderful if I could enlarge Play/Rec/Stop buttons for that. Is this possible in Cakewalk? Because if yes, I could really feel to love it, it would be wounderfull If i could switch from simple Demo-Recording mode into Sounddesign-Mixing mode using as a conventional DAW just by changign workspace. Thanks for your help, Johannes
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