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  1. Negros Island Philippines. when I first started using cakewalk software I was in Wichita Kansas USA.
  2. All the above responses will work but James has given you the one that most closely matches your question.
  3. OK I solved it. The culprit was Cakewalk analytics. Once I turned it off no more problems exiting the program. For the record my ISP sucks. I suppose it could also be a firewall thing but I'm done looking for now just glad to have it sorted.
  4. Yes I'm pretty sure I tried that before but I just tried again anyway and it still hangs. I have not been able to get the newest update to download successfully yet so I will try again once I get 2019-1 installed.
  5. Midi perhaps but the only midi device is an sl-990 keyboard. Also the last version of SPLAT behaves perfectly still. I'll keep looking. edit: I turned off the mid controller and tried again... same result. Cakewalk.exe hangs on exit every time. Even if a project is not opened.
  6. Thanks Mark. Yes it happens every time even without opening a project. I think I have the latest RME drivers but I will check.
  7. Hi. I'm a long time user of Sonar and recently installed the CWb program on my computer. It seems to be running ok except that when I close the program the Cakewalk.exe programs remains running. So if I try to start the program it will not run again until I end task in the task manager. I'm running windows 10 and as far as I know all the current updates to both windows and CWb are installed. Not a show stopper but a bit of an annoyance. Has anyone else been seeing this?
  8. Haha! You guys are just trying to get your post could up while Bapu is busy sleeping. Muahahahaha!
  9. I just signed in for the first time here. Looks good and it's good to see some familiar faces.
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