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  1. The program loads in 10 seconds for me but I have the startup screen disabled. The time to open a project depends on the size of the progect and the number and type of Vst effects and instruments being loaded. FOr me the average is 20-30 seconds to load a project.
  2. You may need to update the bandlab assistant first before getting the 08 update.
  3. I see. I was working with midi not audio. I will check again on the audio.
  4. I have used the arranger on one new project and after some time getting used to it it performed great. I applied the arrangement to my project and saved with a new name so I could go back if needed. There is one thing I noticed that I think that could be a useful option. Once the Arrangement is applied all the clips are trimmed so that slip editing the beginning or end of a clip no longer has the full clip data. I think it could be useful to have the option to retain the original clip data after the arrangement is applied. This could be a global option or a clip property to retain the data. Just a thought. All in all the arranger is something I think will really speed up my process. thanks to Noel and the team for all the hard work.
  5. Use the Browser to edit the properties on the project. Then when you choose to export the id3 info it will fill in automatically. I'm not sure how to get each field though. Perhaps there are some tags that need to be used.
  6. there are 2 types of vibrato for most wind instruments. Breath vibrato and pitch vibrato. To mimic breath vibrato you would control with volume or expression. To mimic pitch vibrato you would do it with pitch bend. Instruments like flute can only do breath vibrato. Reed instruments can do both types.
  7. I would love to see some additional prochannel modules or synth updates but for now the core improvements are great.
  8. I agree on most points but not as un-intrusive as a serial/key entered once and registered permently. I'm just sayin'... All in all it makes me think that at some point Bandlab may begin to charge for activation. I'm not completely opposed to that after all I paid for yearly updates for more than 15 years.
  9. Cakewalk displayed the demo mode. The Assistant said there was an error instead of the normal screen after it connects and said I needed to update manually.
  10. Pretty sure it was 2019.7 but it could have been one version earlier. I ran Cakewalk first before starting the Bandlab assistant. Then closed Cakewalk and ran the assistant. The assistant was the one that warned me there was an error and I had to manually update it (the assistant). I do not have the assistant run at startup.
  11. I was preparing to update Cakewalk and just for grins I started the program before doing it. I was immediately warned that I was in demo mode. Ok, no worries I closed Cakewalk and started the Bandlab Assistant and it had and error and said I needed to install from the website. I downloaded and installed the newest bandlab assistant and after logging in and waiting a few minutes Cakewalk was no longer in demo mode. I went ahead and installed the newest update and so far no problems. what concerns me in this is there needs to be a cleaner way to recover from this without having to download an update. I believe that Bandlab has no intentions to cut me/us off from the software but it just leaves me feeling a bit unsettled. sorry just needed to vent a little about this.
  12. So did I understand Noel correctly? Is there a hotfix coming for the 2019.09 update?
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