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  1. Ahh geeez, sorry for that, I indeed confused cakewalk with bandlab (google search brought me here). Looking at it a second time though, bit confusing that there's a company called Bandlab with a product called Bandlab (and another called Cakewalk..) .. google brought me here. I try it then on the bandlab website. Many thx anyway
  2. Hi all, I connected my Roland TD-17 vdrum via usb midi to Cakewalk (browser) on my mac. The connection instantly worked, but I have the same issue I experienced before in Garage Band: Some sounds are not triggered (mostly the rim triggers of cymbals). In Garage Band it is apparently a problem with the mapping of the midi input signals. Logic Pro X has an option to choose "vdrums" input mapping to make it work. Is there anything I can do in Cakewalk to get all signals from the vdrum right? Many thanks
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