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  1. Thank you for you suggestion. Blessings bro.
  2. I got that bug too.... And lost somes key bindings..
  3. Yeessss... That resolve mi problem... Thanks a lot. I am still experimenting the "Aim Assist" Bug. Dissapears....
  4. @msmcleod Thank you for you answer. I will try and I let you know. How this affect the midi performance and plugins?
  5. Reason (software) Rewire, MISSING NOTES. I have a track template that have 2 tracks midi and 2 audio from reason outputs, when record something and playback soma random notes are not playing... (sorry with my little English)
  6. I have the same issue. I still not try the last update..
  7. Thanks, But you cannot help me. Congrats if the Software fill you needs. Thanks again.
  8. Yes, Several issues sinces 2017, differents computers and systems. I said that I shared differents issues... That say that is not a single plugin.. In others DAWS all run so fine, that is the worst part.
  9. @Noel Borthwick HI Everyone.. I am giving up with Cakewalk. The last issue is with this plugin. This plugin is a sampler and also a beat maker. With rec a patter the track receive notes randomly in the recording. I am sharing different issues but nothing, so sad. I am testing others DAWs. Cakewalk is nos trustfull for me. I am a music producer 24 7. I have been using the software 20 years ago since cakewalk 9. Thanks but isn't enough to a professional and complete music production environment.
  10. Yess, I figure out that's work.. But it unstable. After some test my conclusion is that. Some times work and sometimes not work. You have to restart the Software, if not work then restart your PC.
  11. Yesterday a import a video (MP4) and the cakewalk was loading (the circle in the mousue pointer) 5min and nothing. I change the MP4 to AVID in VEGAS and try to import it again and do the same.. I can't import neither... Was in a blank empty session... I am running the last update..
  12. And Yesss... Isn't the first time this kinds of issues with Antivirus..
  13. @Robert Bone The issue with the antivirus isn't with Cakewalk and others DAW. The issue is with the Ilok software.. A conflict with the Antivirus with the Ilok software. I figured out and open the "task manager" and see that an ilok file stopped work, and become unstable all the Slates plugins and session. I was 2 days with the issue. Was with all the Daws with the Slate plugins. I disable the Antivirus before open the Daws and al works flawless.
  14. @Blades When you have the aim assist issue... You have using one of the factory themes (Mercury, Tungsten) or an alternative theme?
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