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  1. Yesss, I expermented before and I figure out that's with the Mono channels freeze. Because of that, I don't freeze mono instruments (vst) channels only stereo interment vst tracks.
  2. When i freeze a plugin 32bit (Vsampler) in Cakewalk, the Waveform and audio is lately certains milliseconds. I have tested in others Daws. In the others Daws i have the same position of starting, but in Cakewalk is late.. How i resolve this? Thanks Bandlab for you job.
  3. I export the project.. Save as "midi file".. When a import in other Daw brings me the "markers".. Then deleted the tracks you don't needed..
  4. In my System, The best stable and smooth version.... The Aim Assist don't stuck now... THANK YOU GUYS. YOU ARE DOING AND AMAZING JOB. My family and me are gratefull (this DAW is the helper for the income in this house). Blessings. (Sorry with my little English).
  5. Me too... Has appear since 4 updates approx.
  6. Thank you for you suggestion. Blessings bro.
  7. I got that bug too.... And lost somes key bindings..
  8. Yeessss... That resolve mi problem... Thanks a lot. I am still experimenting the "Aim Assist" Bug. Dissapears....
  9. @msmcleod Thank you for you answer. I will try and I let you know. How this affect the midi performance and plugins?
  10. Reason (software) Rewire, MISSING NOTES. I have a track template that have 2 tracks midi and 2 audio from reason outputs, when record something and playback soma random notes are not playing... (sorry with my little English)
  11. I have the same issue. I still not try the last update..
  12. Thanks, But you cannot help me. Congrats if the Software fill you needs. Thanks again.
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