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  1. Tried today the last build and when make a "Bounce to track" the software close... The first time that Cakewalk close in that process..
  2. Yes... I expermented this issue with vst instruments multi outputs in MONO tracks.. The mono tracks will be 3db louder. And when bounce a stereo vst instruments in split mono tracks, the same results. With stereo tracks isn't happen. I prefer in multi outputs bounce in a stereo track (put in solo and make a bounce with the main output master).
  3. @azslow3@azslow3 Oh Sorry for.. X Touch (universal). I can turn on the faders light. ACT data of this unit is available?
  4. Thanks a lot people for you help. The x touch leds up the faders not work with Cakewalk?
  5. @Mully@Mully How you configured the busses and tracks switch???
  6. Until now the best vertion, stable and smooth of Sonar and Cakewalk. Thanks guys.
  7. I use the "Track Templates" and the "Midi Groove folder".. I have differents midi patterns to import anywhere"..
  8. Thanks @Noel BorthwickBorthwick and all the Bikers for you efforts.. Grateful.. Blessings for you people.
  9. In this EA, I can't delelte or remove (click the trash can) a tempo change in the new tempo view in the track inspector...
  10. I feel the engine slower in this last update. With this build i feel it faster. I was worried for the gap of time when i stop, click in a bar and play... was too slow to respond to each step.
  11. Hi people.. Cakewalk have a setting to record in "punch mode" for example 3 seconds in memory cache before a hit the record (punch in)? If the DAW can do this you can pull the left corner of the take and have the audio played.. ? Only asking..
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