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  1. Thank you, everybody. I will look into all of this.
  2. What if I use one input from my computer to receive a zoom call of the two of us? they will have a microphone hooked up to their computer for better sound quality.
  3. This would not be an input and an output. This would be 2 inputs, one from my microphone plugged into my computer, then the 2nd input would come from the remote location.
  4. I would like to import the feed of my friend's microphone from long distance, and record ourselves on Cakewalk. One channel would be me with my microphone, and the other channel would be them with their microphone plugged into a computer - as would mine, and we would both be on Wi-Fi. Does Cakewalk have this capability?
  5. Can we view each track's equalizer levels as we play back to help adjust bandwidth levels?
  6. Can we monitor our FX of choice in our tracks before recording?
  7. I thought it would be that easy, but it is enabled. It just won't recognize anything plugged into it from an outside source that's meant to be read into the computer. Only outward, like a headphone. Yet it calls itself a headset microphone. I ordered the cable I mentioned that I will plug into my Focusrite instead, which ought to solve the problem.
  8. I have a Focusrite 2i2, I will need a stero jack male to XLR male..... yeah
  9. I think this is an issue with my Realtek Driver. Any time I plug a stereo jack into my Headset/Microphone Dual jack in my computer, my Sound Control Panel does not recognize that a microphone is plugged in. I've tried this with different stereo cables, different microphones, etc. No avail. My current audio driver is Realtek version 6.0.8821.1
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