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  1. While (possibly) still working on the export features, how about an insert silence (in milliseconds) option? I have seen this requested before for cakewalk and for several other DAWs that I follow. I am sure it would be easy to implement and would save multiple steps outside Cakewalk for many people having to reimport or use another audio editor to add a few tens of milliseconds prior to the track starting.
  2. You beauties! Fixed with the latest version. I thought I was up to date, sorry for the misunderstanding.
  3. WD created the mapped drive during set up. I'm not sure how I would disable it temporarily and if I did I don't know what we would learn. I can export projects as long as I do not scroll so that the mapped drive is visible. It may not be a standard mapped drive, my backup software doesn't see it. Z: is mapped to my 'private' part of the drive but I have had to use the 'public' folder via network to store my backup.
  4. I rebooted and repeated the issue, one audio track, no plugins. WAV selected this time, no file name. Dmp is attached. This was my first export since the Mycloud drive was installed. Untitled_05182021_133526.dmp
  5. When attempting to export MP3 audio, as soon as I scroll down through my drive locations and my WD Mycloud mapped z: drive becomes visible, cakewalk crashes. I exported my project when not scrolling down in the file explorer. To verify the issue, I loading the exported MP3 and straight away with nothing more than the audio file in track 1, I tried to export again and Cakewalk crashed as soon as the z: drive became visible. My dump file is larger than the allowed file size.
  6. @Fabio Rubato Did you get a response from Air support with this? I have had similar crashes with theriser and it ovox hasnt been involved. The first time I thought it was a one off. I recovered the track and rebuilt with the riser again and didnt seem to run into the problem again. Today I opened a file that I have opened several times before and made some adjustments. I didnt touch theriser tracks and saved as usual. When I came back after lunch it was crashing upon opening reporting theriser with a 0xC0000005 access violation. I tried to login to my account at air but it only lets you input your email address and promises to email but no email has arrived as of 30 minutes later.
  7. Let keep the dream alive. Who knows, the next release features are not announced yet!
  8. I finally cured my problem using deglitch and choosing short notes. In case anyone else comes upon this or similar problems.
  9. Hi Mark, thanks for the response. I used to run as admin due to issues with saving onto an internal disk that was not my boot drive, but I sorted my permissions and have just run for weeks now. Running with this line of investigation I started up as admin and couldnt drag the earlier posted midi file from desktop into an empty track, which worked when I tried the other day. As a sanity check I tried dragging midi from Air Strike VST and this worked fine and then retried dragging from Method 1 and had my problem. I have contacted support at Sound Yeti and will update once I get an answer.
  10. Hi Everyone, I recently got into using Cakewalk recreationally, with a background of being a drummer twenty odd years ago. I have found so many tips and tricks from this forum, there is a wealth of knowledge and a very friendly bunch here. A huge thanks to those that contribute. I entered the Sound Yeti Covid sweepstakes and won Method 1 drum sequencer last week and have been playing around with it. It is a licenced Kontakt plugin that I use the free player to control. Everything seems good until I try and drag midi out of Method 1 onto my instrument track (there is a button for doing this) and there is a small note at the beginning of every measure of every instrument as well as the expected midi notes. I dragged the midi to desktop and uploaded to an online midi player and that didnt show all these ghost notes. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and discovered a work around? I have included an attachment of one of the default patterns that I dragged to desktop. METHOD 1.mid
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