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  1. Let keep the dream alive. Who knows, the next release features are not announced yet!
  2. I finally cured my problem using deglitch and choosing short notes. In case anyone else comes upon this or similar problems.
  3. Hi Mark, thanks for the response. I used to run as admin due to issues with saving onto an internal disk that was not my boot drive, but I sorted my permissions and have just run for weeks now. Running with this line of investigation I started up as admin and couldnt drag the earlier posted midi file from desktop into an empty track, which worked when I tried the other day. As a sanity check I tried dragging midi from Air Strike VST and this worked fine and then retried dragging from Method 1 and had my problem. I have contacted support at Sound Yeti and will update once I get an answer.
  4. Hi Everyone, I recently got into using Cakewalk recreationally, with a background of being a drummer twenty odd years ago. I have found so many tips and tricks from this forum, there is a wealth of knowledge and a very friendly bunch here. A huge thanks to those that contribute. I entered the Sound Yeti Covid sweepstakes and won Method 1 drum sequencer last week and have been playing around with it. It is a licenced Kontakt plugin that I use the free player to control. Everything seems good until I try and drag midi out of Method 1 onto my instrument track (there is a button for doing this) and there is a small note at the beginning of every measure of every instrument as well as the expected midi notes. I dragged the midi to desktop and uploaded to an online midi player and that didnt show all these ghost notes. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and discovered a work around? I have included an attachment of one of the default patterns that I dragged to desktop. METHOD 1.mid
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