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  1. Eureka, I figured it out. My Driver Mode was set to WASAPI Shared. I change it to MME and low and behold, it works. Thanks for taking the time to help me guys.
  2. i will also post this in case something changed with my settings im not aware of:
  3. Hi, this did not work. I went in and turned on all options to view on the track and everything appears correct. It is definitely a CbB issue because I have Reaper as well and the MIDI recording works perfectly. I dont like Reaper as much though because their MIDI response has about a .5 sec delay, meaning its hard to line up the audio when playing live, and I really liked CbB because it didnt have that native latency. I hope someone has the answer...
  4. do you mean this button? it is a waveform preview button for me?
  5. Hi all, i have not had any issues, with over 50 songs, recording audio with a MIDI instrument as my source. All of a sudden, about 2 weeks ago, the audio would not record correctly. I have a video sample attached. When I select the Instrument as my recording source, I have always selected the Stereo input of the Instrument. Youll see in the first part of the vid that all the sound works, the preview is correct, and even when i am actually recording, it shows the wave form as a stereo track. When I stop the recording, however, CbB renders it to a Mono file. AND the sound is complete crap (also in the video). If I select a MONO input, its the opposite - it records mono, then renders it Stereo, and again, crap sound. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all of my sound drivers including my USB MIDI driver. I have uninstalled and reinstalled CbB. Ive searched the forums high and wide for an answer. Please help! Windows 10, I-7 3.4, 32gb RAM No new hardware or audio software installed or in last 2 weeks. Cakewalk Sample1.mp4
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