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  1. Hi Folks. I am a long time Sonar user but must admit my mixing to date has been basically to adjust faders to taste and reduce volumes when I find clipping. With the current stay-in-place situation, I have spent hours (weeks) reading posts, watching videos, and applying them to my latest Project. Lots of fun tools, lots of extra work - does it sound better? Not yet but I'm optimistic. I've got an audio track that cracks on playback. None of the plugins are showing clipping and frankly it sounds more like static. CPU and memory usage are low. That leads me to my question, solving the cracking is actually secondary. I've added MyMeter2 VU meter in the FX, added another to a bus to which I do a Send (post fader) from my track, and then there's the track meter next to the track fader. All 3 are showing different levels. While I understand FX stage volume levels can be different from those measured after the fader, with the track fader at 0 DB I expected pre and post to be the same. And with nothing I know of between the fader and the Send bus, I expect them also to be the same. FX (MyMeter2) is averaging -5 db: Track meter is about -21 db; Send bus (MyMeter2) is at -10 db; Send bus built-in meter is -26 db. Master is -23 db (all are with the track solo'd. Track and bus are panned to center. Both faders are at 0 db. MyMeters are set to VU. Cakewalk meters are set to Post fader and RMS is not selected. I'm pretty sure there's a simple answer. Thanks for any advice you can provide. Steve
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