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  1. Hello fellow musicians, composers and all the other beautiful people lurking through this fantastic community! Some weeks ago, I decided to take my first steps on the long road to my own little homestudio. So in other words.. I am a complete noob. And at some point, a desperate one. With your help (and some youtube-videos) I managed to learn the basics of using CbB and really like working with it. To improve the quality of my content I decided to buy a MIDI-Keyboard - the Arturia Keylab 88 Essential. And there the problems begun. So far, I am able to use it to play and "hear" my virtual instruments such as Albion One, Analog Lab etc. But I really would like to set it up properly to integrate it as good as possible in the DAW - precisely because Arturia in fact praised the possibility to integrate the Keylab pretty well in any DAW. Also I ran into some strange issues with it, most mentionable that my modulation wheel isnt really useful because the slightest movement will cause a jump from modulation "0" to "127" and I have really no clue why (even after asking Dr. Google, Youtube and using the search function here). In general: nearly nothing rally works without setting it up the right way. Long story short: I would really apprecciate your help here, either - from somebody who managed it to integrade his own Arturia Keylab 88 Essential device in CbB or (maybe even better for general understanding) - from somebody who can explain me how to set up the device by myself. I tried out some settings before but achieved only.. well.. nothing good so far. Again: I would be really happy for some good advices here. Be warned: As I already mentioned: I am a complete beginner with Cakewalk, MIDI, Routing etc. and also I am not a native speaker, thus not familiar with common short phrases. I pretty excited about your answers, Cheers, Martin
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