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  1. I've definitely got a separate arp for each synth and the arp out is routed to the synth input in each case. It must be a midi routing issue though...what a pain! I don't understand how it doesn't export even though it sounds fine in Cakewalk itself. If it comes out if the master bus correctly, how can it export incorrectly? I just don't get it!
  2. Hi, thanks again for all your help. I've tried each suggestion but still no joy though i'm afraid. I can't help thinking it's a midi channel routing issue as the problems only happens when I put more than one instance of BlueArp in a project. Perhaps I need to study the midi routing in Cakewalk a bit more. One thing I don't understand. In your example, why does each instance of BlueArp have a different midi ch out, but the same midi ch in? Cheers 🙂
  3. So, I can get one arped synth to bounce to audio track, so I know that's working. When I get another synth in, it doesn't work.
  4. Hi Kurre Thanks for putting this down, it's really helpful 🙂 But still weird...! I've copied all your routings - just using two instances to keep things simple, but Cakewalk won't bounce my arp driven synths to audio. (Using the bounce to track option, right?) BUT I can bounce another *regular* VST track to audio no problem. But it gets even weirder...when I try to bounce my arp tracks to audio, an audio file appears in the media inspector window as you would expect, then it disappears and nothing is bounced to audio!! Can I ask....are you able to export your project to audio straight off, without any bouncing? And the arps play as they should in the rendered file? Cheers. PS Surge is awesome, huh?
  5. Hi all I've been having this weird problem for a while now. Whenever I try to use more than one instance of an Arp in Cakewalk it plays fine in Cakewalk, but when I export to a wav file, either the arps don't play at all, or the sound is changed in some way, for example, the sound is without reverb from the synth. I have tried using Blue Arp and Cthulu and get the same results for both Arps. i have tried various synths. It seems similar to this problem http://forum.cakewalk.com/Sonar-export-issue-SOLVED-m3289179.aspx which doesn't actually seem to be solved. The key seems to be that Cakewalk is exporting something different to what I hear on the Master Bus, even if I choose to export just the Master Bus! I love Cakewalk, Blue Arp and Cthulu but this is driving me nuts!! Please can someone help... Cheers
  6. Hi everyone, I have this weird problem with BlueArp... BlueArp seems to be playing my sample based instruments as well as the instrument I have set it to. The really weird thing is, this problem only reveals itself when I export the audio! Just for info... BlueArp is set up with input = Virual Controller Omni , output = None The instrument (correctly) driven by BlueArp has input = BlueArp Omni , output = Master My samplers (Sitala for drums and Grace) have input = Omni , output = Master Just to be clear, when I play the mix through Cakewalk as usual, everything sounds fine, it's only when I export the audio and play it back that I hear the weird behaviour. Many thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this! Cheers :-) I've just found out...I can reproduce the behaviour in Cakewalk by setting the Sampler input to All Inputs Ch1. Then BlueArp seems to play the sampler as it does when I export audio. It's doubly weird how this only happens to the sampler instruments.
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