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  1. yeah when I went back and ran the installers for the previous versions, I purposefully did not install the Loop Packs and all the Extras this time. I figured that'd be a wast of time and space/resources
  2. I got it figured out. Melodyne was able to fix it for me in their latest 5.001.003 upgrade that came out a few weeks ago. Thanks all for your help.
  3. Hi all, Just wondering what you have all done with your previous installs and plugins. In order for Cakewalk to pick up all my old plugins that I still like to use, I've had to install previous versions of Sonar. So, I have four full DAW installs on my computer right now: Sonar X2, X3, Platinum, and CWB. Is there anyway to uninstall those (or parts of those) and still retain the plugins?
  4. All in all, I'm terribly frustrated with the US 2X2's performance in Windows 10. Since this is a CW forum, that's neither here nor there. I just finished a 9-song album project with it, and I'd bet more than 50% of my time in the last 3 months has been messing with the Tascam, or just quitting for the night because I couldn't get anything done. I've had a bunch of problems with my Tascam ever since I moved to Windows 10, and it seems with each Windows Update my performance just keeps getting a little works ASIO mode is the only mode that I can record in and that works maybe 50% of the time. ASIO recording only works for me one time per session -- as soon as I bump the USB cable, open my browser, or open Device Manager, I lose all ability to record in ASIO mode and then it will take 3-4 complete restarts of my computer to get it back. None of the WASAPI audio modes work for recording at all -- as soon as I switch to them I can hear playback but lose all ability to record. And in WASAPI mode (either one) I I cannot use the Input Echo function in Cakewalk tracking - it just starts feeding back and squealing. Buffer size and selection in the US2X2 is never any help at all - I can move the slider setting all over the place and it never improves my performance in Cakewalk. I've tried every buffer setting there is to try during tracking and playback, and it didn't help that much so I always leave it in the middle. Ever since switching to Windows 10 I have not been happy with the performance of my US2X2 at all. When you spend more time troubleshooting your gear, and you have 4-5 hour sessions at home where nothing gets done because you're messing with your gear, then it's time to rethink something I think. I used to have an old US-600 interface and that thing was a champ - it worked so well and was so stable I should have kept it. It's a shame because the US 2X2 is built like a tank. I just wish I could get it work reliably. :( I'll probably be switching to a Presonus or a Focusrite.
  5. I believe I may have figured it out. The original was using SSD4 (sorry if I misspoke earlier). I opened it and couldn't get any sounds out of the kit or other kits in the same instance. But I created a new track of SSD5 and assigned and tested a kit and voila! I had sound. So I copied the MIDI data (loops) en masse into the new track. Not 100% sure what is wrong with SSD4 in that particular project yet. I didn't see any channels in the mixer that were muted.
  6. I was thinking it might be the interface for two reasons. First, the Tascam drivers are known to be substandard and wonky -- there is much documentation and many reviews all over the web that will testify this. And I have some personal experience with other problems in this regard. Second, I hear a sizzle (cymbal-ish) noise on beats 3 and 4 of the drum info that indicate to me that the VST is attempting play the actual MIDI data but is crashing out after that instance. Currently I have the SSD5 synth mapped to its own drum bus - I do this in all of my projects for a number of reason. I will back it out and map it to the Main Master and then try to see if I can find any errant settings or problems in the VST itself. As an added FYI, I have tried a new track instance of SSD4 and SSD5 in the same project, and I get silence for both outputs. Is there a global MIDI setting in Preferences that I should also be looking at, project-wide?
  7. Is if possible to automate the use of a plugin over part of a project? Example: I'm using Wave OVox Vocal Synth plugin in Cakewalk. And I have a song where I'd like to add vocal harmonies to the chorus *only*. What's the best way to do that. Can I automate the plugin to just apply to the chorus? I have it delineated with markers. Would I be better off cloning the chorus to a separate track and then apply the plugin that way?
  8. It works in a new project I know that for sure. Problem is that this particular project in question is completely tracked and done, and almost completely done with the mix. I'd have to open a new project, set the tempo, set all the Markers, and copy one-by-one the tracks into the new project. I've done that once so I know it is do-able. I also know that I didn't like doing that and I'd prefer not to have to go through that again. :) I'd like to figure this one out as it stands in the existing project, so I can learn what to do if it ever happens again.
  9. when I open the SSD interface and test the kits or try to change a kit - there is no sound from the drums either, when I click on each drum or cymbal to test. No levels for from any meters on the drum track. No idea about the drum map - how do I check this? I didn't do anything - that I know of - to change it.
  10. I have a completed CW project that utilizes Steven Slate SSD5 drums. I have lost all audio output and the drum track is completely silent. The settings and buses have not changed and I have not changed any setting with MIDI mapping. The drum playback worked earlier today and yesterday, but now it is silent. This might be a driver issue with my Tascam US2X2, but I was also wondering if there's any troubleshooting in Cakewalk I can do. Again I have changed no internal settings in the project. Literally all of the sudden I get nothing from my drum track -- all the MIDI data is there and the routing is correct because I haven't changed it. In the past, the only fixes that have worked are unplugging and replugging my interface and rebooting my computer about 10-20 times. Or I have started a new project file and physically copied all the tracks out of the old project into the new. But that is such a tedious process that I don't want to have to do that again.
  11. it happens regardless of buzzer size. I typically run my buffer right in the middle somewhere around 128-256 at all times. But in this case, I tried it at the extremes on either level, and it made no difference.
  12. Yes I did - and that is what I have been using. Sorry for not being clearer before.
  13. Hi all I am using Cakewalk under Windows 10 64-bit with a Tascam US 2X2. I just installed the Melodyne 5 upgrade. It works well but I notice with one glitch. When I apply Melodyne as a Region FX - it will temporarily hang and stop the Audio Engine. And I cannot restart the Engine by clicking it. I have to close and re-open the whole project. But once I do that it's fine, I can edit the region with Melodyne and be on my way. Anyone else had this little problem? thanks.
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