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  1. I was a satisfied and happy Cakewalk user for 20 years...until I wasn't.  I started having some workflow frustrations and decided to try Studio One (which I bought when CW folded--but did not install until recently).  I like S1 better.  Does it sound better?  No.  Does it work better?  No.  Do I prefer it?  Yes, for lots of reasons--mainly workflow issues.

    Crashing and stability has never been a big problem for me, with either program.  

    As to the issue of cost, I pay $16 a month for Presonus Sphere that gives me S1 Pro and unlimited access to all content that Presonus offers, or ever will.  I don't want to sound like money doesn't matter, but to me, $16 a month (50 cents a day) is pretty close to free.  If I could not afford $16, I'd still happily use CW.

    I have no bad things to say about CW.  It is still loaded up and ready to go if I need it or want it.  

  2. 14 hours ago, Craig Anderton said:

    Well I don't think it's so much that you move...you add. I don't know any guitarist who has only one guitar, or keyboard player who has only one keyboard. 

    Exactly.  I have already moved some stems from Cakewalk over to S1 to edit, tweak, and mix.  I find the S1 workflow more to my liking.

  3. On 7/3/2020 at 1:13 PM, James Argo said:

    I still don't get the idea of word "moving" from one DAW to another. Like you are leaving your girl to live with another one.
    Come on, DAW is just a tool, you can have many if you like and afford. I don't love Cakey for sentimental reason only. I love it for its functional reason.
    Many aspect (including this wonderful community) could lead me to love certain tool so much, but sometime I need another tool to make my work done in different situation. I don't need to feel sorry to install Cubase, Protools and Studio One in my PC, though I only use them probably once in a year. The point is to make good recorded music (audio) in the best practical way possible in different situation & circumtances.
    Indeed, I feel lucky Cakewalk has one of the best community in the world.

    Correct.  My initial post was not clear enough.  I still have CW, along with with a 25 year backlog of projects.  I love it and will always have it at my fingertips.  However, after using it for a few weeks now, I will be using Studio One as my primary DAW and plan to start all new projects with it.  Thanks for the input.

  4. On 7/1/2020 at 6:51 PM, Blades said:

    Been using studio one here since Gibson dumped cw in 2017.  I did my last song in cbb though, just to see how the updates have come along. .I can honestly say that I could work in either pretty comfortably, have complaints and likes about each, but still lean to the studio one side for a number of reasons.

    Do NOT expect the same forum comraderie over at presonus though.  It is not the same.  Even when I have recorded something in studio one, I get feedback here but I don't even get feedback over there when I have used their tool.  It is one reason I have stuck around here along with just keeping up with cbb as a daw.  You still should get on their forum though, as it is still a good spot, just not as good as this one!

    Let me know if you need any pointers and I will help if I can.

    Good info, and thanks for the offer.

  5. On 7/1/2020 at 2:20 PM, Craig Anderton said:

    I've used Sonar, Studio One, and Ableton Live since they were introduced. I don't see any reason to stop using all three of them.

    Of course.  I love Cakewalk and will continue to use it when it suits my requirements.

  6. ...for all the help and advice I've gotten over the years.  I am moving over to Studio One,  but I have to thank this community for all the support I have received.  I have always thought that this forum is one of the major advantages of using Cakewalk.  Best of luck to you all.

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  7. Been using CW for almost 30 years and it is acting very strange.  I just updated a week or so ago (ver. 2020.04) and so I'm never certain if this odd behavior is a bug, or something new that I am unaware of.

    My problem:  I DI an electric guitar in a new audio track.  I set the correct input and turn on the monitor.  Everything as it should be.  I hear the guitar, I see it on the meters.  But, when I hit "play," the audio disappears.  Gone.  No sound, no meters.  Stop playback, everything is back.  If I arm record and start record, I have the sound back.  It records.  It plays back.  But, I cannot practice and experiment.  In order to hear anything, I must be in record.  In 30 years I have never experienced this.  Oh, BTW, this behavior seems to be intermittent.  Sometimes it works just fine.

    Any ideas?  thanks...

  8. What does this bar indicate?  I am asking about the bracketed bar that looks like an inverted loop bracket.  It stretches from measure 7 to measure 19.  I don't know how I made it appear, I don't know what it indicates and I don't know how to get rid of it.  I can move it about just like the loop bracket.  I can't look it up in the manual because I don't know what it is called.  Thanks.


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