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  1. I was a satisfied and happy Cakewalk user for 20 years...until I wasn't. I started having some workflow frustrations and decided to try Studio One (which I bought when CW folded--but did not install until recently). I like S1 better. Does it sound better? No. Does it work better? No. Do I prefer it? Yes, for lots of reasons--mainly workflow issues. Crashing and stability has never been a big problem for me, with either program. As to the issue of cost, I pay $16 a month for Presonus Sphere that gives me S1 Pro and unlimited access to all content that Presonus offers, or ever will. I don't want to sound like money doesn't matter, but to me, $16 a month (50 cents a day) is pretty close to free. If I could not afford $16, I'd still happily use CW. I have no bad things to say about CW. It is still loaded up and ready to go if I need it or want it.
  2. Cakewalk seems to handle some midi tasks better than Studio One. For audio, the opposite.
  3. Exactly. I have already moved some stems from Cakewalk over to S1 to edit, tweak, and mix. I find the S1 workflow more to my liking.
  4. Correct. My initial post was not clear enough. I still have CW, along with with a 25 year backlog of projects. I love it and will always have it at my fingertips. However, after using it for a few weeks now, I will be using Studio One as my primary DAW and plan to start all new projects with it. Thanks for the input.
  5. Good info, and thanks for the offer.
  6. Of course. I love Cakewalk and will continue to use it when it suits my requirements.
  7. ...for all the help and advice I've gotten over the years. I am moving over to Studio One, but I have to thank this community for all the support I have received. I have always thought that this forum is one of the major advantages of using Cakewalk. Best of luck to you all.
  8. Bless you, sir! That was it, but I sure don't how how that box ever got checked.
  9. Been using CW for almost 30 years and it is acting very strange. I just updated a week or so ago (ver. 2020.04) and so I'm never certain if this odd behavior is a bug, or something new that I am unaware of. My problem: I DI an electric guitar in a new audio track. I set the correct input and turn on the monitor. Everything as it should be. I hear the guitar, I see it on the meters. But, when I hit "play," the audio disappears. Gone. No sound, no meters. Stop playback, everything is back. If I arm record and start record, I have the sound back. It records. It plays back. But, I cannot practice and experiment. In order to hear anything, I must be in record. In 30 years I have never experienced this. Oh, BTW, this behavior seems to be intermittent. Sometimes it works just fine. Any ideas? thanks...
  10. I see. It is a new feature and I just updated, so I had not seen it before. thanks.
  11. What does this bar indicate? I am asking about the bracketed bar that looks like an inverted loop bracket. It stretches from measure 7 to measure 19. I don't know how I made it appear, I don't know what it indicates and I don't know how to get rid of it. I can move it about just like the loop bracket. I can't look it up in the manual because I don't know what it is called. Thanks.
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