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  1. Thanks pt, az and mcleod for chiming in on this, clearly it's a bit more above my head. I was going to sell my MCU and get a Behringer X-touch instead. I'd love to be getting a non-motorised one, much cheaper, but I can't see how it would work. You load a track up and you have a bunch of channels at different levels. You want to increase or reduce one but when you turn it nothing happens because it hasn't reached the right level yet. Or you zero it and then make changes after that - but then you can only go up not down...? I've never really considered before the possibility of infinite knobs instead though until I figured if the KK Mk2 might be able to do this. As I don't play faders like an instrument, (I'd only be changing 2 at a time max) I'm not bothered about faders. But sadly there's nothing I see like the Nanokontrol that mixes with endless knobs, has mute, arm, solo for the tracks, a display and proper transport controls with a jog wheel, these things (faderport 8, behringer xtouch, icon M, g2, MCU etc) all seem to be faders instead. Unless anyone can point me anywhere else. I'm not wed to the idea of motorised faders, I just can't see any decent alternatives for what I need.
  2. Yeah I just don't tbh how/why people use mixers that aren't motorised (or touch sensitive - although I can understand this one more). Perhaps for the transport bit, and for controlling various VST parameters. But if mixing is your reason then really they need to be motorised as far as I know.
  3. Thanks mate, well explained. I'm increasingly getting the impression that CBB is just not going to play ball in the way I'd like without a lot of effort. As it happens I've had a bit of a crisis of workflow anyway and have been talking to collaborating artists about moving over the Ableton anyway, but that's a whole different discussion! It'll solve this KK issue as Ableton, crap as a DAW as it is compared to CBB (in my view) is at least for some weird reason supported by NI out the box.
  4. Ok so as someone who has a Mackie Control unit working beautifully with CBB, I can recommend something like that for workflow. The ability to mute, arm, solo traks and change their levels with a hardware thing sat on your desk is great, as well as scrub forward and backward. But a major feature of it for me is the motorised faders, which go up and down as the track moves. So you can accurately adjust levels. You open a track and all the faders jump into position. If they don't I dont see how it can be that useful. You open a track and let's say lead vocals are on 57/100 but your nano control unit is down at 0 or wherever you left it last. What are you going to do? As soon as you touch the korg it'll rewrite the level, so you can't just nudge it up or down a little you basically have to key in a new figure from scratch. The beauty with (as I have fantasized it) the possibility of NI Mk2 mixers is that I think it just gets the number and it's probably infinitely turning knobs so you can just nudge up or down a little like if it was motorised faders as it just goes by the value it has. I'm probably explaining this really badly and someone else may do a better job! However I like that korg (haev seen it before) because it's so small. My MCU is great but it's HUGE hence I'll be selling it and would be looking at the Behringer X-touch instead or if I want an even smaller formfactor perhaps the Icon M+.
  5. Great info thanks. If the knob wheel thing works and the transport stuff works all I need to know is if the knobs work in the mixers I’m thinking if a KK can adjust mixer settings as well as the transport controls I can get rid of Mackie control unit!
  6. Excellent post, thank you. Helpful for the likes of me who have been out the game for a few years: clearly I am behind the times and I mean no offence to FL or its users. As someone who has *also* produces hip-hop, grime etc alongside more traditional (for want of a better word) types of music I can completely understand this. In fact my biggest commercial 'success' has been through hip hop so I'm no stranger to that. Indeed as I say I was using both exactly as you describe. Cakewalk is a traditional musician's choice, great for recording, mixing etc, whereas FL is what I'd open up and run inside Cakewalk (IIRC) to make beats in a quick, easy way. So yeah as nowdays more traditional musicians like me are giving way in terms of proportion to (I need to be careful how I say this!), young and upcoming beatmakers who put together beats as the mainstay of their music (trap and other forms of hip hop ) I can see how the market has shifted. Cakewalk is awful for that. That's why I used FL in the past and I've since invested in Maschine to use within Cakewalk. To me Cakewalk is still incredible and yes perhaps FL isn't as much of a toy anymore - but it certainly was when I used it. But even now as you suggest it's something you'd use within Cakewalk. So I can't see what has changed there if I'm honest. If it was a decent do-it-all production tool in its own right would anyone even entertain that idea in 2020? I really don't want to be running two separate DAWs. Not in this day and age. I want to use one and learn it well and invest my time and energy in that hence getting Maschine as I say. Fine, I can run a fruityloops VSTi in Cakewalk if it exists, but still Cakewalk is the main programme and that's the one I'd expect NI to have support for, not the beatmaking tool. If it's not just a beatmaking tool and it's as fully featured as Cakewalk for putting together other music then I'll look into that as my DAW instead. So yeah I'm behind the times, and it is just sad that Cakewalk is no longer considered supportable. Which is why it's free I guess (or perhaps because it's free?) and which is why I probably need to find a new DAW. Perhaps it's Reaper, that so many people are talking about. Or fruityloops. In truth I call Cakewalk "incredible" out of my respect for what it has done for me in the past, and also to this forum. My experience tells me if posting on a community's forum you need to be respectful to the software of that community: it is an incredible DAW and I think it needs more respect. A real shame that market forces means that it won't. PS I'm not quite sure then why the likes of Cubase are getting the attention of NI? What have Cakewalk done wrong? I've used both and Cakewalk has always been better to me (or at least just as good, more a matter of opinion than definite dominance).
  7. Many thanks azlow, I appreciate your help. So is the Mk1 version integrated fine? I am rather surprised that Cakewalk has slipped such that it is no longer considered worthy to programme for. I'm shocked that NI and others (I think Arturia) programme for toy sequencers like Fruity Loops (!!!!!???) but not incredible ones like Cakewalk. FL is a kid's toy and I used it to play around and have fun with cute beats, when I was paying good money for Sonar. Now I'm using CBB and somehow FL has arisen to be above the mighty Cakewalk so peopel prioritise that instead? I guess this is the price we pay for it being free now even though I never wanted it to be free. I'd gladly contribute a bit just to make sure it's treated more seriously by other companies, however that would work. Developers aren't charities, they can't be expected also to work for free. And sadly, unless I'm mistaken, as good as a programme it is if it's not considered worthy enough to be supported then it might be time to call it a day and jump to Cubase or something else whatever that may cost because this sort of this is likely to keep happening.
  8. Yeah mate I agree. It's not for Cakewalk to fix it, it's for NI. But I'm not asking Cakewalk to fix it, I'm just asking if anyone has this keyboard and if it works for them as it does with some other DAWs.
  9. Oh ok got it, thanks, good idea I will do so.
  10. Many huge thanks John for your prompt and really helpful link The only thing is, and please forgive me for being quite thick, I'm not sure I understand that. I did come across that thread before in searching before asking the Q. There's a lot of stuff in there I don't understand. Does it work exactly like it should, (like it does with Ableton, CUbase etc) or is it a partial workaround thing? I'm about to make huge changes to my studio setup, equipment and workflow and it may well involve buying a new synth and I'm looking at the KK S88 Mk2. I want to be sure it works well with CBB. If not I guess I could always switch to cubase but it'll set me back a few quid.
  11. Is there full support for this in Cakewalk band Lab?
  12. Update - region FX so far seems to be ok, although I've not used it a lot. Helos - nice singing. I'm not sure what I'm hearing in your vocal bit, seems like a some clipping or something? Not quite the issue I was getting. I wonder if others can comment. And thanks for your advice re: bouncing/ editing, I shall keep that in mind.
  13. Thanks guys. I have to say, what a great community. I post a question, knocking CB calling it a "bloody mess", within minutes there is a host of v respectful and helpful replies, no fanboyism, getting hurt, knocking me, just people being helpful. V helpful links and all sorts. When I reply, again helpful quick replies. Then we have a Bandlab chap come on quickly to help clarify and is following the post to help further. Absolutely brilliant community! 😎 I hope I have the courtesy to remember to keep this thread updated with how I get along with this, thanks again guys.
  14. Really helpful thanks. I'd never done this before, didn't know it existed. And don't really get why it's any differnt to clip FX but one thing that's so cool is when you use this, melodyne actually opens INSIDE cakewalk rather than outside it, which is amazing. I'm yet to try to see if this solves the problem but I would guess it might because it's more integrated and using less resources presumably. Thanks!
  15. Wow yes you're right I had no idea abotu region FX
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