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  1. Update - region FX so far seems to be ok, although I've not used it a lot. Helos - nice singing. I'm not sure what I'm hearing in your vocal bit, seems like a some clipping or something? Not quite the issue I was getting. I wonder if others can comment. And thanks for your advice re: bouncing/ editing, I shall keep that in mind.
  2. Thanks guys. I have to say, what a great community. I post a question, knocking CB calling it a "bloody mess", within minutes there is a host of v respectful and helpful replies, no fanboyism, getting hurt, knocking me, just people being helpful. V helpful links and all sorts. When I reply, again helpful quick replies. Then we have a Bandlab chap come on quickly to help clarify and is following the post to help further. Absolutely brilliant community! 😎 I hope I have the courtesy to remember to keep this thread updated with how I get along with this, thanks again guys.
  3. Really helpful thanks. I'd never done this before, didn't know it existed. And don't really get why it's any differnt to clip FX but one thing that's so cool is when you use this, melodyne actually opens INSIDE cakewalk rather than outside it, which is amazing. I'm yet to try to see if this solves the problem but I would guess it might because it's more integrated and using less resources presumably. Thanks!
  4. Wow yes you're right I had no idea abotu region FX
  5. SORRY GUYS I didn't realise anyone had responded. This is my first post and I thought I'd set it up to notify me by email for new responses but that doesn't seem to be working. Thanks for trying to help. Chucke - I'm using melodyne on the clip itself, so that little square on the top right of the clip that says FX then you click on it and it lists the effects. I guess that's what is called region affects? Thank Jose, I hope so! I really don't want to leave Cakewalk but this issue will force me to, for sure. HIdden tracks? No all I have is a simple vocal, harmony vocal and piano. Very barebones at the moment. I don't see how a track could become hidden, but I will check when I get home. Unless you mean take lanes? But I don't believe I had any comping take lanes on this. That reminds me actually, I've had awful problems with take lanes too - trying to choose a certain take lane but it plays anotehr one, then doubles up etc.. nightmare. Hmm yeah this is all very barebones at the moment, no sends, no aux, no extra buses, nothing. so I doubt there is this issue but I will have a look at it again.
  6. A few times even from my Sonar days I'd have a random weird voice doubling effect appear on some vocal clips and I always assumed it was just me accidentally processing clip effects or something. But recently trying to get to the bottom of it I realised that melodyne and cakewalk just play havoc with each other. Even when putting the melodyne effect OFF it would remain on the track, even DELETING the effect it woudl stay on.. and then it does weird stuff like plays both corrected and uncorrected at once causing a strange comb filtering problem. So then I think right I'm going to delete the audio clip altogether and import the original file... but NO it is still playign the audio clip EVEN THOUGH OT HAS BEEN DELETED OFF THE TRACK! So clearly all those times I ended up with bizarre doubled vocals it was this bug all along. It's a bloody mess, and quite frankly I can't be living in fear of losing hours of work if this sort of bug remains and while I appreciate the software is now free, it may be time to move to another more reliable system, but I hope not and there's a simple fix. I'll try bouncing original audio to a duplicate track so I don't lose it in case this happens again, but there's only so much of this I'll be able to take. Anyone else getting these issues? Any possible fix?
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