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  1. Its a silly thing to want, perhaps, but it would be nice to clear the recent projects list in the file tab. And also when you have projects with a single word for a title it only shows the title instead of the file location with the title in the recent projects list. -Mig
  2. Ah, I saw it. I didnt see the midi/audio tabs at the bottom of the inspector. I got it now. Thank you guys very much, i really appreciate it. This will help me make drums a little bit easier now.
  3. I did save it as a preset, but when i click on the output of the accent track it shows audio tracks and buses as outputs, no midi outputs or drum map option in the menu. I added a midi track that wasnt adding an instrument and the outputs for the drum map came up and i see the note names, but how do i get that to work with accent?
  4. So I went through the trouble of making a drum map in the drum map manager for my Accent Galaxy Drums, How do I get the names to come up int the prv and the step sequencer? I made a pattern with the lane names changed in the step sequencer but its kind of a pain to have to load it and if i want to use another piece id have to rename the lane every time. Id like to be able to just have the drum map and the names of each note already there. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Thanks, I try to keep things neat and organized even though it sometimes gets away from me. Those are wire strippers, I use them when I change strings or do any kind of work on my guitar or amp.
  6. Not as fancy as some of the others, but it works.
  7. I ordered it but haven't gotten the download yet, I also noticed they took the video off of youtube for it. Has anyone been able to download it?
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