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  1. Somebody mentioned inserting CC1 do you have a link for me to learn how to do that?
  2. THANK GOD. Thank you I really didn't realize it was per project I was looking in the midi options all this time lmao
  3. Howdy! So basically I have seen a couple of other forums about this issue but its worse now...I use cakewalk and komplete kontrol, and the issue here is specifically with the play series of komplete kontrol. The audio sounds fine as long as you load up the instrument from the play series and ONLY play on the midi keyboard without pressing play/stop (spacebar) but when you press play then stop it, it resets the cut off knob to zero and the sound becomes muffled and really low. it resets it every single time you press play and stop. The previous fix I found from another user was turning off the "zero controllers when play stops"...I went to check if I had it on but its not even there anymore . If anyone knows an alternative fix that would be awesome! Cheers and have a wonderful day!
  4. Howdy! Guys I'm having the exact same issue but it seems that cakewalk removed the zero down option :( Is there any other fix for this issue? or can I access the zero down option from somewhere else? cause I really can't find it. This thread is really old so I doubt anyone replies lmao but it would be great if anyone found a fix :D Have a wonderful day <3
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