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  1. David , I see you are getting pretty complex with your instrumentation with more use of the orchestra in your song postings .. I enjoyed your version of the song ...yeah , you have been coming along much deeper in your music as time progresses ( or so it seems to me ) all the best....keep it up , Kenny
  2. Guitar sounds very good and true to the musical Genre of your song version ...Yeah I can go for more music like this . It reminds me of all the good old times and sounds of the era of Roy Clark , Chet A... , Jerry Reed , and others ... Grinning & Picking , Picking & Grinning all the best, Kenny
  3. I'll say one thing Jesse you are definitely a one of your own kind around here & you do have an interesting Unique Orbit Musically ... That song was pretty Freaky in a good way ...lots of cool sounds crossing paths .. Keep doing what your doing Kenny
  4. Hi Allan , This song sounds professional in all the areas where it counts. Well written , nice mix, good playing I liked your vocals and vocal delivery a lot ...Good sound , phrasing and dynamics .. all the best , Kenny
  5. Yes , that was a pretty fun listen .. I notice you are using an Iconic Boomer song from my day to get the message across 🀣 There is room for improvement but either way I happen to like music with humor so I was glad I listened to this .. Clever stuff .....Good job Kenny
  6. Hi Bjorn , I started playing the guitar when I was 6 ...by age 9 I was serious ...back then in truth the guitar was my lifeline to having something in my life that made sense... I'm glad you are getting some mileage out of the song ...what I do for myself is to play over different sections of a song and practice my ideas over it ..it is rare that I will play over a tune from beginning to end until I have done my little practice sessions over the various song sections. I hope you come up with a good melody . Yeah me too ...lol I have to laugh ...you have no idea how bad i can sound when I'm off ....I'm not Superman ...lol I think the whole key for me is to enjoy the gift of having music in my life ... Maybe you know someone in your area that plays guitar at around or a little bit better than you do now ...some of the best times I've ever had were in low key situations where myself and another guitarist or two would hang out . We would just swap guitars for a song or two and show each other some of what we are working on ...low pressure fellowship type of vibe ... it has been an interesting ride would be an understatement ....there's a few musical Artists I have auditioned for that were name people ( where I didn't get the gig ) Then there were a few notable gigs and situations I did get ( my lips are sealed for now ) it was all nice at the time ...the fact is I have not achieved any of my career goals on the level I could have ....(at least according to my abilities and potential ) I'm actually somewhat sad about the fact that my music will probably not be heard or valued in today's market. Unless i can get help doing the things I am clueless about that may be the sad truth for me ...as I said before music was and is my life line so at least I have had a constructive relationship with music ...it has kept me out of trouble and gave me something to strive for ... I hope I didn't eat up too much of your thread ....and the offer stands ..someday on a nicer day ...lets meet up away from the studios are hangout and chat music .. all the best, Kenny
  7. Hi Old Joad , After listening to music all my life then out of the blue, all the music I wanted to play when I was younger sneaks up me and influences the music I'm playing today . cool beans huh ? thanks for the listen . Hello congalocke , While I'm playing I'm basically just winging it , whatever I end up playing turns out to be a process of discovery even for me . I'm glad you enjoyed the song and my guitar playing . all the best, Kenny
  8. I stopped trying to figure that one out ..I like quirky and unique ..not what everybody else uses . Kenny
  9. Nice Music and Playing . As far as the video goes that was crazy in a good way . Kenny
  10. Good One 😎 That was certainly a Fun Listen. Kenny
  11. It took a while to get back here . My Orbit has had me in other areas of my Musical Galaxy . Yeah, come to think of it you may have something there ... I'll take it ...I may send your comment back in a time machine to let my younger self know it will happen someday ...I played a lot of Allman Brothers when I was young and couldn't play the guitar worth a $hit πŸ˜‹ Thanks Ed . @amiller ! thank you for the kind word 😊 Hello Makke , thank you for bumping my thread ☺️ I'm real happy you dug my guitar playing and musical sounds . all the best, Kenny
  12. Hi Lynn, I have to come back later and listen to your song again ...While I was listening to it I got distracted and I wound up listening to your Defying Gravity song a few times .. Man I love the way you sang that one .....I'll be back ... Kenny
  13. Hi Bjorn , your video was very creative ..I enjoyed it ... As far as playing the guitar goes ...Good Luck On That .... just kidding around w you . Back in the day when I auditioned for Chubby Checker at SIR Studios in N Y C I was crammed into a tight room with over 200 guitar players ... When it was my turn to play I had fun ...Chubby and everybody in the room dug what I played ....but I didn't get the Gig .... My personal rule is , I wouldn't trade my worst day out there playing guitar the way I do to be any other know or unknown guitar player ... Sometimes when it comes to playing the guitar the rewards don't always match the steps one would think they should match on the career ladder πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  14. He could probably make that one into a TV commercial 😎 Kenny
  15. Hi Tom , You seemed to have put a lot of work into this song . I think it is coming along very good from what I can hear so far . I like this a lot ...it features some real nice arranging with the musical parts and sounds... it is definitely something I would play over ...( not that I'm volunteering lol ) I did play over it for my second listen 😎 Kenny
  16. Hi Wookiee , Yes it is true I'm on the mend ...slow ...slow , very slow...incremental progress ...When I read what you wrote it helped lift my spirits . thank you for the kindness .😊 Cool! I'm super happy you dug this one amiller . There's a lot more soloing over one chord change where that came from 😎 Hi Tom, I'm real happy you dug my guitar playing and the guitar production techniques I did on this tune . Thanks for leaving the comment you left on my tune 😊 Hi Chuck ! thanks for the listen and comments . It means a lot coming from you 😊 Hi Lynn, you want to give Welcome to My Orbit a second listen? where do I send the check ..lol just kidding around .... I'm glad you liked what you heard 😊 all the best, Kenny
  17. Thanks Tom ! Thank you for the kind words macce ! Kenny
  18. We wish you all a Joyful Love filled Christmas Holiday Season ... Now Get Off my Lawn Kenny
  19. Doughnut Girls Arrest took place under suspicious circumstances . Doughnut Girl was later found innocent during her trial so they made her a into a Well Loved High Profile Publicity Star Kenny
  20. Yes ZincT , I'm happy it is sorted out , this program is a lot deeper than what people give it credit for ... here see if this helps Under Help click on the highlighted section .... once you do that this box will come up and you can pick and choose what you want Acid to install .. Once you get the loops installed good luck finding them 🀣 I'm not kidding .... Magix installed the loops on my computer on C Drive_ Users_ Public _Public Documents _Magix _Common _Loop Collection s _ and then you have your individual loop folders ... I didn't bother to move the loops location . I'm OK w it there for now ...if you find the loops like I eventually did , my suggestion is to mark those folders as favorites within Acid Pro . Once you do that they become easy to find within Acid Pro ...or you can always just move them to someplace you prefer .. all the best, Kenny
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