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  1. Pretty Vacant ! is that the name of your new secret musical project ? Rumor has it you and Bapu joined forces and came up with a modern weaponized musical form of music based on tried and true historical instruments .. I heard it's you on the banjo and Bapu on the Bagpipes . I have been told , no matter where you guys have set up and started to play the crowd soon disappears and the area becomes Pretty Vacant. Is there any chance you guys could give us "The Bro Price " so we could afford to have you come up here and do a concert ? Craig and I are getting pretty tired of all the noise and destruction of property the protesters are doing up here in our town .The musical results you guys could deliver would be a welcome change to what has been going on up here recently ...... Pretty Vacant ...aaahh yes , come to think of it , that has a nice ring to it . Kenny
  2. I want to be perfectly honest with you here Craig I'm talking about the video .....Which in my opinion leaves a lot to be desired ...so don't feel I'm attacking you . 1, I do know how to play the Song Giant Steps . I have been playing it for years and I'm still working on it so I will be basing my opinion as a player that has worked on the tune for years not a wanna be dreamer or internet influence r FWIW ,this thread was a mock /copy thread title based on some of the Coffee House threads that had titles like " I'm having trouble with the Mods ....Fill in the blank " Even taking those details into account I can understand why people may have thought I was looking for help... My truth is.... Hey if someone can teach me something I want to learn I'm teachable and I can be all ears . In that G S video they give a nice little history about the tune and dance around the history lesson BS about the circle of 5 ths , ll V l 's and the songs origins . Yet nowhere in that video do they take the time to show you how to play over the songs complex chord changes , or show me the viewer what sounds hip on my instrument and compare that that to what don't sound hip.... My book is a real simple read "either I can or I can't " I am 100 % merit based and that happens to be how I judge the people I play with ... The way things are now where this much less money in music makes me feel more strongly about that .But hey I wont Lie if someone wants to pay me good money ...I can lower my standards ....lol A person can watch that video 10 times right before they walk out on a stage to do a gig and they will still be none the wiser on how to Play Giant Steps .... I will say the video makes a nice little history lesson yet It is what I consider empty calories in the sense that it does not teach anyone how to play their instrument over the song Giant Steps ...... Since nobody in the video even played the tune on their instruments ...to me that became a very big red flag .. IMHO the only way to play Giant Steps is to work on it and practice playing it until you can get good at playing over it .... That is only if it is important to the person that wants to play the tune ...not everybody could give 2 $hits about the tune "Only The Old School Die Hards seem to care " about the tune . Once one reaches a point of fluidity and a modest form of self expression playing GS , then that's the time to practice it some more because all the talk in the world ain't gonna get it done .... Interestingly enough I used to talk with John Pisano every so often when I went out to hear him play .... I asked him what he thought about Giant Steps and he told me why bother going there when Have You Met Ms Jones (he felt )was a hipper tune to play .. Most people don't know Have You Met Ms Jones has the same exact chord changes to the GS bridge section ..it is .one half step down key wise ... That tune came out in 1937 a number of years before Giant Steps (1960 ) and unlike GS people in clubs never seem to get tired of hearing it played ...maybe because it swings and the first section is an easy listen ...who knows why ?just thinking out loud Anyway ..Peace Kenny
  3. You ain't ever seen a blank sheet of Banjo Tab Before ? Are you trying to keep the fact you are learning to play The Banjo a Secret ? lol Kenny
  4. To make a long story short I have spent the great deal of the past half day trying to fix my computer ...let me back track ...and offer the cliff note version of my story I was on Win 10 1511 ....my computer was air gaped most of the time and when I went online it was not for to long ...typical musical software updates like people that don't bring the DAW online ...also was set to a metered connection ...for some odd reason yesterday while I was doing music it came at me aggressively notifying me to let it do a bunch of restarts ...I let windows do its thing and for 2 hours it started , restarted , started restarted ...I knew I was in deep $hit because I was given no other option to choose any other choice ...I go from Win 10 1511 to Win 18xxx something ...at that point it was functioning and after poking around a bit I had lost my DVD drive and a few other things were simply not the way I wanted them ....I wasn't happy about 6 GIGS of my HD getting used up either .. I go into win update section I roll back and that's when everything ht the fan ....I could post shots of the various blue screens of my computer going from and endless hell of starting and restarting only to keep blue screening ad infinity ...I'm sure most of the people that tried to help know them ... anyway a guy in a u tube video showed a hack to get it to stop doing the start & restart blue screen from hell cha cha cha ...to my utter amazement it worked ( I was 4 hours in trying to fix the thing ) I had successfully gotten back my old OS and my DVD drive was now working ....So what do I do? I get happy and I decide to keep that computer online , check my e mails and hit a few forums ....Also listened to the tune I had just recorded VIA the actual session that I thought I lost ....life was good ....or so I thought . A half an hour in I start getting large nag screens from MS telling me I have to let MS take control of my system VIA a Windows repair notification.......OH man once again there was no opt out other than an hour later . I threw up my hands in utter disgust ......this section is left blank 3 hours later the thing finally presents me w my log on screen and I say to myself I bet they updated my comuter once again w out my consent ..... Sure enough they did ...now I'm on Win 10 64 ..1903 ......still no DVD drive and thanks for using up over 8 GIGs of my computers HD space .. At this point I surrender / walk away so I can live to fight another day ..I have a thousand metaphors I could say to justify how I feel I choose not too for now ...My computer now works or so it seems ...Also I want to cap this post off on a high note .....SO I got a doobie of the good green waiting for me 😂 Thank you to each and every one of you that tried to help me ...it means a lot ... 😊 Kenny
  5. Yeah I have seen a lot of unhappy posts on the net about that OS ...That does not surprise me at all .. Kenny
  6. HHHmmm that little "vs." thing up there is starting to look pretty good to me ..Steve ! do I have your permission to ask it out ? Kenny
  7. Short story ...one of my Windows 10 computers with all my music software including my all i Lock stuff decided to upgrade the Win 10 OS ... I had babied this computer and kept it on a metered connection ...all was fine .... it only went online for music software updates ...I recently changed my Internet home situation and still had this as metered connection while only using Wi FI on my home router .... I was recording all last night and I noticed the thing was running a little sluggish so I looked in task mgr and didn't see anything there that would indicate my computer was downloading a new OS ...next thing you know I get greeted with a pushy message that I have to restart my computer ...I was recording and mixing so I kept hitting an hour later option ... A couple of hours ago I finally let this thing restart and it takes a good Hour and a half to do what ever the EFF it has to do to replace my OS w a new one I didn't ask for or want .Now I'm up $hits creek because the first thing it did was to eliminate my DVD drive . 2 or 3 things I always pay extra to get the disks when I buy software . I also like to be able to watch a move once in a while on my lap top ...also why the hell would I want to loose my DVD drive when I use SONY Vegas ..not to mention I also have other software to author discs for CD and DVD ...I go in the device mgr and try both options ...search computer for driver and search online . It comes back saying I have the right driver installed ...yet it was invisible old OS ...a windows search can up dry ...I go online to look up the driver for my drive and it turns out everybody w the same drive is in the same boat ....no driver ....I decided to roll back my system to the older OS VIA win software updates and it tells me Window will be restored to the previous version of OS ......Yeah Right ...I wait 20 mins and my computer goes to restart and it winds up Blue screening and saying I am missing a critical component to be able to go forward with my restoration ....it goes into an endless cycle of a loop where it tries to restart then it blue screens ...on and on and on .... I had enough I unpluged it , pulled out the battery and threw it in a draw ... I PHUCKING Hate you Microsoft , as a company you feel you always have the right to constantly shove $hit at my hardware forcing things on me I don't want period . any one here wants to Judge me go right ahead ...there is a reason I kept my HD recorder and I still use an old Mac sometimes when I record my music ....that stuff actually works also I keep my chops up to the point where I only want to do one or two takes at most ...trust me man I don't use or need comping and a few things some people like use ...I'm not saying there is anything wrong w that stuff or the people that like to use it ....The thing is I come from a merit based performance background..... if i can't play it and sing like a little birdie like a Bald Eagle tweeting in the sky I don't try to record it plain and simple ..I'm at the point where I would rather shake my ***** in a $hit bar for peanuts live than sit here and try to compete with every internet producer and expert .....used to be guitars player were a dime a dozen now it's music experts that can;t play and music producers .... anyway that part of my rant over Now that my computer can't start I can't even get a list of what went wrong as per their little BS messages + what my fricking hardware drive version is shheesh I'm seriously considering moving on down the road . Kenny
  8. A lot of major chords in that song ...so many key changes ...so I decided to go eff it for tonight and went with this instead ...One Chord C 7 Kenny
  9. Starise! , put myself in his place ? I drop a guitar pick on the floor and by the time it takes me to bend over and pick it up I would have given the Bonebreakers enough time to have done half their routine ..Oh did I mention I start seeing Stars floating around in my eyeballs and my head turns a deep Pink halfway into the task of retrieving my pick .... Craig ! , I 'm hit or miss when it comes to watching the show .Such is life when I have to wrestle with Duke to see who gets to have control of the TV Remote . I was surprised by the section of the performance where the performer was able to turn his head in the type of full rotation around just like an Owl can do ... Kenny
  10. What would Thing ! Do if he was in your Gloves ? Kenny
  11. Hey ! that's how me and the Bunny got Jacked Up ....We were both sitting there minding our own biznezz listening to some O'Carolan grooving away while having a few Guinness and the next thing I know we both passed out . Hmmm it must have been The Jack that delivered the KO punch ....When we came to we both seemed to have all our organs except for one the one that got modified .... note to self , don't mix Guinness , Jack , and "award winning herbal enhancements "when partying in a strange and unfamiliar environment Kenny
  12. If you happen to see her watch out and run for your life . Lately she goes by the name Modes . Kenny
  13. Gee I didn't know . I guess he must of felt sorry for what happened to your nub to have opened up to you like that . . Kenny
  14. That's only half the story 🤪 I told the rabbit I was hung like an animal so it became curious . I whipped out my junk to show the bunny and it said to me I don't know what you are talking about . I did the only thing I could do , I grabbed my reading glasses off the table and gently placed them on the bunny rabbits head. Then I said to the bunny now take a look . Sure enough the bunny did eventually agree with me . Then it asked me why didn't I just say I was hung like a hamster in the first place ? ...Yeah I know self depreciating humor I didn't have the heart to tell the poor bunny that I had just gotten back from being hijacked out in the Jungle by a nymphomaniac female ape that had the hots for me . She erotically wore my junk down to an unrecognizable nub. After hearing all of that the poor Bunny shook his head , my glasses fell off , and he told me he empathically felt my pain as he rubbed the nub on the right paw where his foot used to be ..... Kenny
  15. I just barely made it out of her erotic clutches and The Jungle with my life intact . Sadly I have lost all track of time .... What day is today anyway ...Monday Tuesday? Kenny
  16. My ex used to hit me with stringed instruments. If only I had known about her history of violins. Coffee has a rough time in our house. It gets mugged every single morning! What did the Tin Man say when he got run over by a steamroller? “Curses! Foil again!” Submitted by Paul Stewart, Richmond, Utah The furniture store keeps calling me to come back. But all I wanted was one night stand. What do you call the wife of a hippie? A Mississippi She had a photographic memory, but never developed it. Need an ark? I Noah guy I used to be indecisive; now I'm not so sure My ex-wife still misses me. But her aim is starting to improve! Kenny
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