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  1. Some of the stuff you had to endure with the small stage and uneven stage sound is what they call paying dues ... On the bright side of things it must be nice to be back out playing again ... Kenny
  2. That is one sweet guitar ! Very nice specks . Gibson BurstBuckers ? Oh yeah H.N.G.D. Kenny
  3. Oh Oh ! it looks like the Government has finally decided to blackmail me by releasing the private footage of my last years Valentines Day celebration ..๐Ÿฅณ Kenny
  4. Very Nice ! Great concert you posted . A concert he did with Johnny Winter was the only music I listened to while driving across the USA in 97 ...wish I could find the whole concert on u tube ...here's an excerpt Here's some more live Muddy Waters tunes I dig featuring Johnny Winter and James Cotton ...these guys sound tight man ! Kenny
  5. Of course they do ! Somebody has got to go get the suds . Roll up and buy the twine . Place an order at the dispensary for some choice nip . String up all the guitars w new strings , and then go and get some pizza and burgers . Kenny
  6. +1 Not anymore ! Her former cat Meow'Za just couldn't resist the temptation . He wound up taking a Domino to the head "execution style" and hasn't been seen ever since . Kenny
  7. Thank you for taking the time to show me a possible way to get back into a desktop on the cheap . I appreciate the guidence . Kenny
  8. Kenny ! lets hurry it up or we are gonna miss our flight . We don't want to leave Strummy ! waiting at the airport๐Ÿ˜† Kenny
  9. Putting it to tape while working on Music Together ! Could the tune they are working on be a silent heartfelt Kumbia ? Kenny
  10. That's what happens when you have all the arrow's in your quiver seeking to hit the bulls eye . Lets blame it on Bapu ! he can handle it all the best, Kenny
  11. No because when I see something like that I have to hold my arms real close to my sides and keep them there because if I don't I run the risk of starting a game of pocket billiards in a public museum .๐ŸŽฑ Kenny
  12. It sounds like you have a good grip and lots of experience on what it takes to use computers for music production . Desktops are the way to go as far as upgrading the way you did . It has been about 10 years for me as far as using a modern desktop goes . That in itself puts me behind the loop as far as specks go ... Congrats on grabbing the bull by the horns and going through the process of setting yourself up with a better system that will meet your needs . I'm not in a position to do anything other than what I'm doing currently at the moment . I'm back n the woodshed working on getting my Jazz Guitar Chops back up to speed by working on tunes . The inspiration for that came about because I just bought the Jazz Guitar of my dreams a Gibson ES 175 CC . Sure it's been that way for me since my XP days when I had my last Windows desktop . It has been all cwappy lappy's since 2012 ๐Ÿ˜†YIKE S ! I may come back later to discuss the software end of this topic having gotten my hardware issues out of the way . Nice talking w you guys ,.... Kenny
  13. The past couple of years have pointed out to me that even though I have done "my best " to stay pretty much current on a lot of my recording software , I may have started to hit a brick wall about 2 years ago when I started noticing how much strain my computers experienced while trying to run much of the new software I had upgraded to.. For me to get the full benefit of using the software I have now I suspect a much more robust computer upgrade would be in order . Kenny
  14. Sure Honey ! you can certainly come on the flight with me today as long as you don't mind sitting in the overhead bin with the carry on luggage . The gig I'm playing tonight does not pay enough for me to afford to buy you a proper ticket . Strummy ! you cheapskate ๐Ÿ˜… Kenny
  15. Yeah no matter how groggy I am , I know exactly why I went in there . Sadly most of the time I end up just standing there going push push push until I get red in the face while my forehead vein starts pulsating to the shortness of my breath . Kenny
  16. Mr Scott ! I NEED MORE SILENCE ! Divert all available power from the engines power core to the life support system noise filters . Mr Chekov ! Get Us Out of Here NOW ! Kenny
  17. Before the invention of The Pr!ck Suit The invention of The Pr!ck Suit The end result of extensive testing of The Pr!ck Suit Kenny
  18. Yeah I don't need no instructions either . My default setting is to eat only the foods I like while binge watching all my favorite tv shows . Yep ! Guaranteed to help one pile on the years and feel older in no time . Kenny
  19. Oh my ! this whole internet dating thing , just ain't working out for me . I think I will stay a virgin after all . Kenny
  20. Yeah I know we all live in a yellow submarine and all simply because of all the surveillance we got going on in the world today . I'm just hoping this pr!ck ain't the technician the government contracted to install a yellow submarine up my keester . Kenny
  21. Hi Tim ! thank you for the BD wish and the kind word you said about my playing ๐Ÿ˜Š all the best, Kenny
  22. I can't believe they didn't let me join the band . I may be yellow on the out side but I'm all Brown Sound on the inside . Kenny
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