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  1. No that's not it , it cant be ..🀣 As far as I know there are no leftovers packed up in my beard ...When Milo is done sniffing around and doing his thing he even tries to slip me the tongue .... He's fast he almost made it past my lips twice .😝 I brought Milo to the Vet today and I wound up laying out some serious coin ...We could not verify that he was up to date VIA the info on the Rabies shot tag ... I wound up doing a worse case scenario where I had the Vet give him all his shots as if he never had them before ... Overall the Vet was pretty impressed with Milo . He hit him with some commands and Milo kept up with him .. He also thought Milo is the perfect size and weight for his build ...I asked him why he appears so narrow as far as his back end goes and he said he must of been bred to look that way .... As far as his size and how big he looks pictures do not do him justice .. Milo weighs 75 pounds ..Duke weighed 120 pounds and to me he was a little guy.....until I saw our reflection in a store window ... To me they all are Little Angels sent here to comfort and bring us Joy , time to hug my little fella up ..Tonight we are gonna hold paws an watch The Masked Singer 😎 Kenny
  2. Where's the proof on the Clapton Strat having sold ? The auction has it listed as not sold w no bids Kenny
  3. I knew it would would come to this someday ...OK I'm Right , Yet I wish I was right about something else .. "Woof Woof The Quasimodo Of Humans " is what dogs call me in hushed reverent dog talk and tones when I walk through the neighborhood .. Kenny
  4. I enjoyed what you said so much in your post I left it up there singing in the breeze for the better part of a whole week as a motivational affirmation ... Thank You for what you said . I appreciate the kind words . Kenny
  5. Why Thank you Sheens! Just as long as I'm the "Man" in the first pic not the second pic . 🀣 Thanks RBH ! ...he does look a little small in pics yet that is a full size picnic table he is standing on .... I'm bringing Milo to the vet next week so I will have his correct weight ...I would be surprised if he was less than 60 pounds , he may be trim yet he is solid ... He even has both of Arnold Schwarzenegger's biceps for his back legs ... 🀣🀣🀣 Kenny
  6. What happened ? you walked into the Dollar Store and bought 2 Dollars worth .... The Last of the big spenders πŸ€‘ Kenny
  7. Please tell me Erica Lapton is the lady in the back of the pic wearing the green tank top ..I can work w that ..... OK ,Less than an hour to go w only 48 mins left ...still no bids .. carry on , Kenny
  8. Are you asking me to help Kenny meet a nice lady friend ? let me think about it for a moment .. Nope , I'm just gonna keep Kenny around to walk me , feed me , and scoop the poop ... Alright Lady's ! the line starts to the left and the Kissing booth is now Open .... Thanks Pragi ! IMHO , he's the better looking one of us .. all the best, Kenny
  9. Thanks Grem ! Glad you enjoyed . 🀣 I took one of my Strats out of the closet , restrung it and played it for a few hours ..Man it sounded exactly as I had remembered it ...just like nails scraping on a black board . Oh Eric if you ever had a kind thought towards another guitar player Please help a player out . I cant afford a Million and a Half for one of your guitars and I'm tired of torturing the few listeners I still have left with my Ice Pick Tone ....Help make a dream come true ..help bump up my tone w one of your guitars in my Guitarsenal ... I don't care if it's the most ugliest hideous guitar you hate the most out of your collection ...I will love it , play it and cherish it .....Help make 2021 a great year for someone . Kenny
  10. A man with out duct tape is a man who wishes he could get out of town fast before his woman breaks free and makes good on her promise to fix him good . . Kenny
  11. A man with out duct tape is a man with out a duct tape camper . Kenny
  12. Yes I agree with you Sheens . He came w that choker . I was planing on buying him a new harness after I paid my bills this month ... I did look around and found a harness that is a little loose on him unless he pulls ...yep I'm glad you posted . i took your advice and I feel it is much safer to use the looser harness for now ... we should be able to last a few days until I take care of my monthly biznez thanks Kenny
  13. Martian guitar fact-tory employee of the month . Kenny
  14. Larry's deal has a much better price with a total savings of $ 240,000 ... Kenny
  15. I have to say Eric Clapton's guitar did sound great in the video... warm and full bodied tone .The fact it is a hard tail may have played into it . I'm gonna have to play that video for my Strats and scold them for sounding like a bunch of Unprofessional Sounding High Note Screaming Ice Picks 😁 Kenny
  16. kennywtelejazz


    Alright ! Wait a second here ...ABull! are you trying to mess with my head over here ?πŸ˜‚are you hiding the obvious in plain sight ? I was wondering what the picture of the monkey was and then when your song started playing I said to myself your song sounds like a classic Monkey Tune .. Your tune sounded pretty fresh ...nice vibe , playing and singing ... Kenny
  17. Sounds Great Lynn ! I Love the interplay between all the guitar parts you did around 1:43 ..Yeah that type of arranging and playing is pretty deep . PS I like all the other parts too ....well thought out ..well played Kenny
  18. πŸ˜‚ Who's side are you on ? Yeah all of a sudden things have gotten pretty tight around here as far as the swimwear and eye candy goes .... Even a guy like me gifted with the face only my mother could Love just has to get used to the idea and face the facts ...Milo is The Robert Redford of this home and I'm just the second Banana .... πŸ˜‚ If that was all Milo wanted I would certainly give it to him. Milo has already shown me that he also want's his own refrigerator packed with unlimited food ....A 24 hour a day walk outside ( weather permitting ) and a non stop tug of war partner to play his favorite game ...( yesterday I tapped out after less than 5 mins because I almost fainted ) all the best, Kenny
  19. https://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/Eric_Clapton_s_Historic_Owned__Stage_and_Studio_Us-LOT33800.aspx Kenny
  20. Hi Bjorn , Glad you gave this song a listen ...when I lifted Betty's voice I had to lift the whole track and EQ out as much as I could while still maintaining her vocal character.. Then I had to tempo map it .... a lot of work , yet for a true vocalist who may listen to my song they may say I need to still work on my vocal production techs 🀣 Whew Oh Man ! my new dog is kicking my butt and I'm loving every min of it ...he has me up at 6 am ...every morning we do a nice long walk ,then he sticks to me like Velcro ...for the rest of the day into the night . I may have pick up a double neck guitar w one neck just for him and one neck for me .... all the best , Kenny
  21. 🀣 Oh boy ! that ain't the half of it .....according to him , he gets upset if I'm on the computer for to long ......no problem lets jump on top of Kenny and knock him off the chair . Kenny
  22. Hey Wibbles , Nice little vid , Yes I agree Milo is cute, Hi Julien jbow , I see you made it over here to the new Cakewalk Forum Welcome ! Yes it was time . I got lucky too not only in finding him but he is still in the late puppy phase so he is house trained , he is not looking to chew up my guitars and he enjoys spending time together w me . On the other side of the coin we have a few areas we need to work on ....he gets hyper excited at times and he pummels me full throttle with all his love and affection ...once he gets wound up it takes everything I have to get him to chill out ...He is young and full of energy so I'm hoping I can break him of that and get him to mellow out a little over time ... thanks for being happy for Milo and me ... I took Milo to a local dog park and here's a few pics . I went to play fetch with him and he jumped up and stole the chuck it from me ...I think he thinks I'm gonna fetch and run the ball down . front angle side angle shot ... thank you all for your kind thoughts on me getting Milo Kenny
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